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April 29, 2008


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From the Ballroom to Hell--Hotcha! if that won't get straight men out on the dance floor nothing short of a winch will do the job.

Hope you're beginning to feel a bit better.

Yes, I am much better this week, thanks!

I have never had much luck getting straight guys to dance. I can't figure it out.

I seem to recall that the 'folk' dancing we did in jr high (in the winter when it rained) included at least one grand march. Being in the multipurpose room, we might actually have had room to do 16 abreast, and I think we had enough people we could have done it in three ranks. (Mostly we did square dances, some Virginia reels. Co-ed, too, unlike high school dance classes. I can has waltz?)

u can has waltz!

The problem with sixteen abreast is that to assemble the sixteen abreast, you need room for 32 people side by side - a line of eight coming down each side and wheeling while the previous lines of sixteen are going up the middle. That needs a honking big room! At NEFFA we were in a high school gym and the "top" of the room was along one of the long sides - the length of a basketball court and then some. So there was room to wheel the lines. I was impressed.

But at NEFFA I was the recipient of a new and exciting form of recognition: yes, I am in fact the one who wrote the Lobster Quadrille thing!

Congratulations for the recognition, Susan. And I'm very glad to hear you're doing better.

Much better, though I still cough up translucent goo on a regular basis. But it seems to be coming more from my throat than from my chest now, and it doesn't hurt or leave me with pounding headaches.

I'm just ridiculously pleased at having been recognized as a blogger for the first time ever.

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