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April 20, 2008


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Ha! I found their website!

Um, yeah, it's linked in my post (their name). Hey, you're within range to actually see them more easily than I am! I keep hoping Balticon will get them one year.

NASA sure has changed from the 1960s's nothing-but-white-guys-in-white-shirts era. I was recently reminded of that, as I went thru 1998's From the Earth to the Moon, with the rare female characters being wives or secretaries. One thing that really bugs me about that series is that it never brought up that some women went thru the same physicals that the original Mercury astronauts did, and did better than the latter.

Shore Leave is easier to pop up for a night, which is why they have it there.

This song is pretty catchy. I have found it running through my head all day - enough that it bugged me I didn't know all the words so I figured them out today.

Thanks for enabling my geekery!

I personally am stuck on "Doppler Shifting". Evil earworm!

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