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April 17, 2008


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Yay! Leaks-be-gone!

Sounds like Lee -- grumbling about the universe (and its lack of beer) aside, is a keeper.

I really needed a giggle today. Instead, you gave me a bellylaugh. Thanks!

A rub-a-tub instead of a rub-a-dub?

Lee may be grumbly, but he's good and thorough!

Comparing Lee to Victor, I am reminded of The Mary Tyler Moore Show. I mean, who would I rather work with? A good-natured twit like Ted Baxter, or wiht Lou Grant, who is grumpy, but who knows what he's doing?

Mind you, Victor is anything but a good-natured twit, but a twit he is. People like that amaze me. Maybe he's one step away from his incompetence catching up with him before it starts preceding him. One can hope. (I'd also say that hope springs eternal, but, considering the subject of this column, I shall abstain from doing so.)

I've found that more often than not the ones who complain more are the better ones.
"in my day" types :)

Now if only to find one like that for my plumbing disaster.

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