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May 21, 2008


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Let's hope pictures will be taken and posted. Have a good time.

Right! I am still not good about this. I shall add the camera to the packing list.

To your carryon packing list! Or are you driving?

Driving! Or at least, being transported by car. I am trying to avoid being the actual driver, because my exhaustion level is so high I do not consider it safe for me to make a long drive at night.

I hope you have safe travel and a good time! I'm glad that I didn't commit to being there -- Shiva has a giant abscess on his chin and I'll be spending the weekend following him around with a sponge to get the drops of goop (we went to the emergency vet and I have antibiotics and pain meds for him, plus they cleaned out the abscess).

Thanks, Marilee!

I hope Shiva feels better soon.

Driving? Or driven?
Either way, a safe trip, Susan.

Driven, happily.

So, how was Balticon?

Up and down. Found out when I got there that a friend died the day before, which accounted for much of the down.

I am so very sorry, Susan.

Oh no. What an awful thing to have happen, Susan. I hope you find comfort.

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