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May 12, 2008


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So far, nobody is making me want to buy it. I hope the reviews have a better affect on other people!

Oh, and in the quotation, I think you mean "my" instead of "by."

Hmmm... Would you describe the story as one where the true aim is to be satirical of our own contemporary society of Earth? One thinks of Gulliver. The story sounds like the kind of novels that Jack Vance - rather that I think Jack Vance writes because I have never read any of them, but reviews, I have read.

That being said, I'd better go to their site as soon as my corporate obligations are fulfilled.

Different strokes, I guess. Thanks for catching my typo!

I think Thrais is to some degree a poke at the libertarian anarchists who think a free market is the solution to all evils. The rest of it, not so much.

The one thing reading everyone else's reviews has convinced me of is that I really ought to read some Vance. I think I tried one novel of his many years ago and didn't care for it, but it seems reasonable to give him a try every couple of decades to see if I like him better with more life behind me.

Susan... I've been thinking about doing that too. That's why a few months ago I bought Tales of the Dying Earth, which contains Vance's four novels of that Far Future Earth. I may find myself falling in love with his stories, or I may decide that they just aren't my cup of tea. We probably all have come across an author that everybody else thinks is one of the best, and we can see why they think that, but we can't feel it.

There was just too much of the clunky writing to make it really appeal to me. The story was decent, but stuff like what you noted about the "mystery world" suddenly becoming the "world of my birth" was just too prevalent for me to really like the book. In my review, I provide another example where "rif" is introduced, becomes all-important, and is then dismissed as secondary, all in the space of a couple of pages. If it was a mass-market paperback, I'd be fine with it all, but at $40 I expect a lot more.

King Rat -
I was more delighted by the worldbuilding than the story, but I really liked the worldbuilding and the quantity of tossed-off background material with no detailed explanations. It added a richness to the universe that I really liked and let my imagination play without the boundaries and storytelling awkwardness imposed by infodumps.

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