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June 30, 2008


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Beautiful. Poignant. Painful. Real.


I am glad that you did this, Susan.

Good choice, and good way to tell it.

It is a painful story, but a good, honest, and decent thing to do. I hope it closes the chapter, and heals the wound.

*hugs you* You write sentiments a helluva lot better than you think. I hope this brings you closure. And you're not a moron.

I'm way too much of a hoarder -- of the memories as much as the stuff -- to give things back, but I feel the same way about being bought dinner.

Saying goodbye to books is hard.
Losing friends is hard.
People, especially including me, often act like morons in this kind of situation.
I hope you don't take it the wrong way if I say this makes me feel better about some things, and wish that I'd been able to read it 10 years ago.

Meredith... You write sentiments a helluva lot better than you think

Heck, Susan writes anything a helluva lot better than she thinks. That's what I've been telling her for some time. If we keep telling her, she might eventually believe us.

Forgive me if I don't really participate in the commenting on this thread; it's still a very open and painful wound. I do value the comments and don't mind in the least if they keep going, but I kind of freeze up at the idea of making any direct response.

Susan... You have already said (and did so quite well) what you needed to say. Don't be concerned.

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