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June 18, 2008


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Marilee, now I'm not, either (switched to a different computer, which has Firefox).

Susan, no one's blaming you! We're just reporting problems in the hopes that you can get someone to fix them. :)

Both problems are reported. I'll keep you updated...

Okay, it looks to me like the HTML is back. Can everyone work the "Holmes" link in Serge's comment above?

I did get replies from Typepad; they were messing with the code and (sigh) broke things.

BTW: the Holmes trailer had me in stitches. I think RDJ's English accent is a little dubious, and this is certainly going to be a departure from the usual sort of SH film, but the big hammer/little hammer bit, and that last line...

Hmmm... HTML still not working, as far as I know, and neither does the go-to-the-last-comment option. I love it when people 'improve' things in the real world's code before doing so in a test environment...

As for RDjr's accent in "Holmes"... It sounds to my I-can't-hear-accents-not-even-mine ear that he isn't so much going for a British accent as he's using a more cultured American accent. That's probably wise, if he can't pull off a British accent.

As for the ad's last line...

Okay, this is CRAZY. The Holmes link above was working, because I used it a few hours ago to go watch the trailer. Now it's not. I've no idea what the tech crew is smoking.

Even more interesting: I get notified of each comment by email containing a direct link to it. And guess what? That direct link is working, at least for some comments (I went directly to Serge's, above). So the system can't have been broken completely.

On the trailer's last line: well, it didn't make me laugh quite as much or entice me to see the movie quite as much as the Iron Man line "This isn't the worst thing you've caught me doing!"

I read today that, after they're done with Iron Man 2, Favreau and Downhey Jr's next project is Cowboys and Aliens.

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