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July 06, 2008


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I think that the reason so many of the short nominees were from Asimov's or F&SF is because that's all that most fans read. I don't read Ellen's new horror anthologies because horror doesn't do anything for me, but I read her new SFF anthologies. I have a number of the Strahan anthologies, too, but I don't read Analog. I'm not sure the number of nominees from those two magazines actually shows that they're the best. But you've voted already, so I'm just nattering.

I've kind of had it with Eggleton, I think I would have rated those like this:

1. Foglio, Tan, Picacio

Editor/Short Form: very possible. So it goes.

Artist: like I said, I think everyone in the category is great, so it really does come down to personal taste.

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