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July 02, 2008


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Actually, Sitka was established as a Jewish refuge not after the failure of Israel, but well before it; the inference can readily be drawn that Israel was not established because many of the Jews who in our timeline were there, were instead in Alaska.

the whole thing could have been set in Brooklyn with only a few minor tweaks. The speculative fiction aspects are almost irrelevant. The whole thing feels relentlessly mundane.

At the risk of uttering a judgment à l'emporte-pièce, isn't it the norm for mundane writers to use the props of SF as props? "Hey, this looks neat so let's just throw it into the setting." Who cares about the implications it could have upon the world. Me, I'll confess that I'd rather give my beer money (or my ice-cream money) to those who toil in our field and who know it. But that's just my opinion.

As for the description of the rabbi... Are non-Jewish characters portrayed in such subhuman terms? If not, that makes it even more disturbing.

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