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August 13, 2008


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Romeo and Juliet crawl out of bed after consummating their marriage with Romeo still dressed in his tights. How exactly did that consummating bit work again?

He probably figured out how Uther Pendragon managed such a feat while in full armor.

As for casting along racial lines... Before he became a movie actor, Charlton Heston did exactly that with his friend Brock Peters (whom you may remember as Sisko's dad in Deep Space Nine). That took some courage, to do that in the late 1940s / early 1950s.

And in families that are mixed, you can see siblings where some are "clearly" white and some "clearly" black. You can't predict how the genes express.

As to the tights, they didn't have tights back then -- no elastic -- they were just very tight pants and they tied at the top so they could get out. My guess is that he may have just untied and tied again.

It sounds really good, I wish I could go. I like seeing different versions of Romeo and Juliet.

In the case of both genes and tights, the problem is that it distracts from the performance by jolting you back to reality to go "huh???" and then construct some sort of retcon. I don't like having the magic broken even for a moment.

And I do know how period tights work; I'm entirely familiar with the logistics of sex involving opening only the codpiece while leaving the rest of the outfit intact. But since the actor changed into the tights on stage, I also know that these tights went on and off in one piece, codpiece and all, and my experience is that after sex people don't put tights on in order to sleep.

Ah, no, that probably is a bit unrealistic.

I'm always amused by movies that show two people apr├Ęs l'amour, then the woman gets out of bed with some bedding wrapped around her upper body.

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