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September 08, 2008


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Live Food? You know you're a hopeless SF fan when tofu makes you think of Doctor Who. As for myself, when I visited Washington DC, in 1990, especially the Lincoln Memorial, I'd think of The Day The Earth Stood Still. How sacrilegious.

That being said, it sounds like many calories were burned away during that trip of yours.

I've always pictured the wild gamboling tofu as a chubby pinkish piglet-like animal, but fluffier and more cartoon-like than real pigs. And I'm unclear as to whether they have 4 or 6 legs - I've been going back and forth on this point.

Do I dare argue with a baby vet over taxonomy? :) Sure!

I think that the sort of vague whitish smooshiness of tofu in its natural form means it would stay vague, white, and smooshy in its, err, animated form. It should be more potential than actual, if you know what I mean.

What about skin? That's why I think it has a pale pinkish cast - it's the protecting outer layer for the smooth, white, smooshy interior.

Oooh! There are different firmnesses of tofu - different musculature? The equivalent of white and dark meat in the chicken?

I think if live tofu had skin, it would be a light tan/golden color...at least, that's what I thought of o.O Mostly because when you fry it the outside gets sort of firm and gold while the inside stays squishy and white.

But what about silken tofu? It wouldn't seem to have enough firmness for any musculature at all!

Probably best that I more or less slept through Sunday's class so I didn't get in the way of people who were doing actual Assembly prep (*sigh*).

I followed the Lindy step well enough, shifting my head over to follower's feet, despite my swing being decidedly rough (as in "learned swing from four different individual or sets of classes, mostly from teachers who didn't know what they were doing either, mostly fake it" rough). What's the lead doing on those?

Ha! I didn't know akawil was A.K.A. Wil. I thought it was soemthing like a KAW il.

You may have been tired out, but it sure sounds like you had a good time!

Keira and Raven:
You guys are totally grossing me out! I think tofu bears an unfortunate resemblance to solidified bodily fluids, and the idea of them growing a skin (pink or tan or whatever) isn't helping! :)

On the Charleston exit jump, the lead and follow are in perfect mirror image. On the other move, I couldn't begin to tell you!

Improving my Lindy from rough and mostly faked was the whole point of SONH for me. It pretty much worked.

I claim no special insight; it's right on the top of his LJ. I've no idea what it means, either!

Raven: Silken tofu is definitely some sort of organ meat. Also, as to skin color, I suppose there could be golden and pinkish breeds of tofu. Gotta have some variation in there somewhere, seeing as something as bizarre as the tofu creature is bound to be full of fun mutations.

Susan: You should have known this would be a dangerous topic of conversation to even slightly encourage... ;)

It's "AKA Wil". When LMG started posting about "Wil", she used that pseudonym. So when he got his own LJ account, he signed on as "AKA Wil" to preserve the pseudonymity. FWIW, when I asked LMG about names, she said she didn't mind people using her first name (though not associating it with her lj, ideally) but avoiding her last name to avoid teh googles.

I meant the exit jump, I think. Compress & Release move seems simple enough; similar to curl&release moves I already do except the timing is different and the positioning is more precise, I think.

I love tofu, but I'll avoid the discussion here to avoid contributing to the "gross Susan out" fund.

The compress and release move was actually fairly tough to do. I'm not describing it very effectively.

I don't care if the tofu critter discussion continues; I love having conversation in my comment threads and clearly this is a very important issue. Just don't expect much input from me except an occasional horrified yip.

Susan: I believe it. Have to demonstrate or something.

Re tofu: I think, given the sameness of tofu, that if it had skin, it would be because it had stolen it from living creatures, having devoured them from the inside out, dissolving them by turning them into tasty, soft tofu.

Lightly fried/cured tofu can be nice, but my favorite tofu dish (except maybe ma po, 'cause, you know, it's ma po) is probably a non-spicy Grand Sichuan special -- very soft (but not silken) white tofu with butterfly shimps and some vegitables. Simple, but really tasty.

I hate tofu, no matter what state its in. It's the texture -- the same reason I don't like liver or yogurt.

As to akawil, I've never seen his LJ, but he posts on the LJs of some of my friends.

Keira: tofu would totally have many mutations...but how many legs does the tofu creature have? I'm seeing either two or four.

Susan: aw, come on-it's so yummy! Sometimes it's important to play with one's food, even hypothetically ~.^

I can't get past the smell of liver. And yogurt bothers me the same way tofu does, except that instead of solidified bodily fluids it has the texture of congealed bodily fluids. Or curdled bodily fluids. I can only stomach it in smoothies, where I drown it in so much fruit that it's not obvious. Shudder

Now I am thinking of critter-tofu as visually akin to Pikachu and its fellow Pokémon. I am not clear that this is an improvement...


How about liver-flavored yogurt?

Raven: Four legs. Because it needs to bound around in fields, and it's very difficult to bound with only two legs.

PS - boo to the comment feed for never actually updating.

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