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November 19, 2008


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I still feel that Myrtle is underdeveloped as a character and way too prissy, beyond the point of amusing and into annoying.

You may have brought this up before, but what the heck. Is Myrtle part of some literary tradition of the 19th Century where adventures stories aimed at boys had girls necessarily be pests that intrude into the wonderful world of boys?

Of course, my reference to adventures aimed at boys is kind of silly. Or were there adventures aimed at girls? Maybe there was a tradition of stories where girls had adventures, but only if they disguised themselves as boys.

an invasion by highly intelligent hats from the future!

It's been done.

The collective wisdom of the Slightly Mauve Room at Philcon says, "huh, where?"

I am perhaps wrong: I'm going on fuzzy memories of something someone told me. But I'm confident that involved the future and intelligent hats bent on world domination in some combination. It was a movie, not a book, if that helps.

Serge? Movies about intelligent hats from the future bent on world domination?

I could easily believe that it's yet another homage in Starcross, but I haven't the faintest idea to what.

I can't think of any movie about world-conquering hats from the Future. Could it be a vaguely remembered early episode of Doctor Who? I don't think Quatermass ever fought bad hats.

Having failed to find Larklight, I am adding it to my Christmas Present list. I did find both Starcross and Mothstorm in the shops but resisted starting the series in the middle.

...the truth is that the British Empire stands on the brink of an invasion by highly intelligent hats from the future!

This sounds like a great dilemma for my friend who loves both hats and the British Empire.

Night of the Moobs!

I've certainly read 20thc fiction in which boys considered their sisters pests (and vice-versa, for that matter). I don't know if it's a common enough idea to be considered a tradition.

Susan... Girls as pests... Let's not Susie, whose only friend is Calvin even though he treats her terribly bcause she's a girl. As for the other part of my question, was it uncommon in 19thC fiction to have girls disguise themselves as boys so that they can have adventures? (Yes, that does have to do with my own writing project, about which I did nothing after Sue's recovery, due my my being on holiday to take care of her while also handling the Big Project's deployment.)

A vaguely remembered early episode of Doctor Who, Serge? Perish the thought! I have clear memories of all Doctor Who episodes, even the ones I haven't seen. (I have read several episode guides cover-to-cover. For fun.)

Anyway, it was a recent movie.

Susan, is a Slightly Mauve Room like a Green Room, only painted by somebody with creative ideas about what qualifies as "green"?

Paul A... it was a recent movie

Hmmm. It still doesn't ring a bell, and I have seen (or read about) many SF movies in my life, crappy ones and good ones. By the way, ever seen First Spaceship to Venus? It's from the early 1960s, with effects that are primitive by modern standards, but it was quite representative of some SF movies of the era, which, despite their meager means, conveyed the feeling that these were people going deep into the Unknown. You don't see many movies like that these days.

I don't read 19thc children's fiction, so I really have no idea! But I doubt there would have been much, if any, cross-dressing in it.

I read a Who episode guide cover to cover once, but it was so long ago (around the time The Five Doctors came out) that a) it wasn't up to date with all the current stuff and b) I've forgotten most of it. But it was rather fun to read all the adventures as capsule descriptions. I suspect that some of the earlier ones are better that way. Having been spoiled by the recent series, I now find many of the early ones (third Doctor) very hard to watch.

I think the collective here for purposes of collective wisdom is too small to figure out what this movie with the hats is, but if you remember, let us know.

A Slightly Mauve Room is what happens at Philcon early Saturday mornings and may be attributed to a combination of disorganization and lack of sleep. More on this in a bit.

Susan... I doubt there would have been much, if any, cross-dressing in it

So did I, but I thought I'd ask anyway. It's long been my assumption that, when I make assumptions, I often make the wrong assumption. Well, it's no big deal, for the sake of my tale - it'd have been a throwaway reference.

Found it!

The film I was thinking of is Meet the Robinsons, a 2007 animated film in which (among other things) a highly intelligent robot hat from the future travels to the present in an attempt to create a world ruled by itself and its kind.

Doesn't quite count as "invasion by highly intelligent hats from the future", I guess, since there's only one highly intelligent hat (except in the brief glimpse of what the future will be like if it succeeds), and it's more infiltration-and-sabotage than all-out invasion.

Also, for most of the film we're led to believe that the real villain is the human who the hat is wearing as camouflage, and that carried over into the advertising, so if the collective wisdom hasn't actually seen the film that would explain why it didn't come to mind.

Paul A... Would you recommend the movie, or recommend staying away from it?

The Starcross thread revives itself!

I just went and watched the trailer and was duly impressed with the hat, though there appears to be only one. But it is in fact very similar to the hats in the book. Since both are dated 2007 I don't think there's either homage or plagiarism going on, but I really have to wonder what was in the water back in 2006!

(The movie doesn't look half bad, as animated movies go, either. I nominate Serge to watch it and tell the rest of us whether or not we should bother.)

Susan... I'll have to arrange for my wife not to be around, because this most likely isn't her cup of tea. I'll have to make sure it's ok to bump some things down the NetFlix queue, but I'll say it's for a good cause.

I put Meet the Robinsons on our NetFlix queue. I may get to watch it before the DVD arrives in our mailbox. How can that be? It appears to be one of the titles that I can watch directly on their site. The Future is here! And my movie review will be here in the Near Future.

Yeah, but you have to watch it on Explorer. Ick. Besides, I spend enough time online. (I may skip LJ & ML today, I hurt a lot and expect to take codeine soon.)

Careful, gentle, non-pain-inducing virtual hugs, Marilee. Codeine is a great thing; I hope it makes you sleep well and wake up pain-free.

Marilee... What Susan said. As for watching movies off the internet, I don't mind. In fact, I've been following the episode of Galactica that's available only on the SciFi Channel's site. The bottom line is that I've been given a mission by our Rixosous Hostess.

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