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November 27, 2008


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As a foreigner, I don't celebrate Thanksgiving, and I wouldn't hang around if it weren't a pleasure. But it's nice to be thanked. And thank you for being a host.

I hope you have a wonderful holiday! Your plan actually sounds pretty good to me... mmm, french toast!

And I'd like to say, thank you for making me feel welcome at your blog! I have so much fun joining in on the conversations, and I appreciate all of the advice and support about my writing endeavors from everyone here.

What bad puns?
What lame jokes?

Thanksgiving has never been such a big thing for me. In the glory days onf the early 1990s, it meant an MST3K movie marathon, and an excuse to go out for dinner.

As for your thanking your online party's visitors... Heck, thank you for giving us that party.

Hey, it's cool to be here!

Thank you, Susan.

It occurs to me that we'd make a good team if we ever got stuck at a Thanksgiving dinner together. You could eat my sweet potato, and I'd eat everything else.

A11 UR SW33T P0T80EZ R B3LONG 2 M3!!!

You say po-tay-to, I say po-tah-to...

I usually stay home, too, but friends who have added a ramp to their home (his dad may have to move in) invited me. I enjoyed the time there, but other than a few blogs and email, I slept the rest of the day. I like turkey, though, and have been known to cook turkey parts so I can put them up in the freezer for sandwiches and such.

Thanks for giving us a place to gather and discuss things!

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