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November 01, 2008


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A steampunk Twelfth Night? Do tell us more. And my best wishes for an enjoyable weekend.

Yes, we want a review! It sounds like fun!

As much as I'm glad Luke and I voted and got to spend some time talking, and tomorrow I'll spend time with my brother and his family, all that, plus today's nap, will seriously throw me off timewise. I need a time pocket.

2:00 - set clocks back
1:00 - Regency dance workshop (teaching)

The phrasing of this really makes it look like the Regency dance workshop is taking place right after setting the clocks back...

Resetting the clocks... Spring back, fall forward? Or is it the other way around?

I'm doing work-related stuff from the comfort of home right now, thanks to the wonders of telecommuting. This is so that I can relax later today. Maybe I'll pop the rest of the Oppenheimer mini-series into my laptop while my wife is working on her next book proposal.

Yesterday was relaxing. Neat too. We drove to Santa Fe. Its museum had a exhbition of historical costumes from various movies. Based on what I saw from Emma, Gwyneth Paltrow is very thin. Come to think of it, so are most of the women who were in those historicals. And Helena Bonham-Carter must be quite short too. Oh, and it looks like I'm as thin as Alan Rickman was in Sense and Sensibility, and that he is only one inch taller than me. He probably still is one inch taller than me.

Finally... I caught parts of Quigley Down Under on TV last night. It's set in Australia in the 19th Century. I mention it not because Rickman plays the story'a villain but because Laura San Giacomo can be seen wearing a corset on the outside.

(Do I hear our Rixosous Hostess groan?)

I saw corsets as outerwear galore yesterday at the theater and survived the experience.

I should revise the schedule to:

7:56 finally decide I will not sleep any more. Study clock and wonder if it has been reset or not.

Susan.. I saw corsets as outerwear (...) and survived the experience.

What? Not even an eyebrow raised in disapproval?

I had a couple hour nap after Rick & family left, so I'm still a little off. But he helped me drop the van off at the shop so they can start the annual oil change and state inspection much earlier than usual, and I don't have to get up in the morning. I see we have one review already, so I want another one by the time I get up tomorrow.

As I recall, Laura San Giacomo's character in Quigley Down Under is mentally unbalanced, so possibly we should not expect her to be au fait with Society's views on sensible clothing.

Speaking of Australia, and moving the clocks back, we just moved our clocks forward a week ago. (Three weeks after most of Australia, which rather tarnishes the argument that we need to do it to keep in step with the rest of the country.)

You're in Australia? No one tells me anything!

On your clock-resetting, I assume, and keep in mind that I just woke up so I may not be at my intellectual best, that this is because it is spring in the southern hemisphere, so you are doing the spring-forward thing rather than the fall-back thing. I have this nagging feeling there is something wrong with my logic and that eating something before posting would have been smarter.

Corsets as outerwear in films set in the straight-historical (as opposed to fantasy/alternate-historical) makes as much sense as having a woman today put on a bra and panties over a shirt and trousers. Presumably you guys would notice this and find it a bit off. There's a reason it's called underwear...

Marilee: ma'am, yes ma'am!

Yes, I'm in Western Australia. If this were Making Light, you'd be able to tell from my email address, if you thought to look at my email address, which I realise you probably wouldn't. (That sentence doesn't bode well for my next TM project, which is supposed to demonstrate an ability to communicate in short simple sentences.)

You are correct, even without eating something first: It is spring here, and we have just sprung forward into daylight saving. Although "sprung forward" makes us sound more enthusiastic than is perhaps the case. There's a referendum due next year to see if Western Australia wants to adopt daylight saving permanently -- what we've just sprung unenthusiastically into is a sort of try-before-you-buy dealy -- but the indications are that Western Australia probably doesn't. (This is not much of a surprise: Western Australia gets asked every ten years or so if it wants daylight saving, and it never does.)

Susan... you guys would notice this and find it a bit off. There's a reason it's called underwear

Somebody should tell the Last Son of Krypton. (By the way, Saturday Night Live once had a skit with Hugh Jackman as Kal-El - he's in the Fortress of Solitude talking to his holographic Kryptonian parents, who become quite uncomfortable about his choice of attire, especially when he mentions his pal, Jimmy Olsen.

If this were ML I'd have so many comments I wouldn't be able to read them all and thus would not feel so very attached to each of you!

As it happens, I have the Top Sekrit Blog Owner Look At Commenter Email Address function here, so now that I look at it I do see that .au suffix.

I also see that getting my entire group of commenters together at one dinner table (while it's a small enough group to fit at one table) is going to be somewhere between very challenging and impossible.

I just hate to bring this to your attention, but it may have escaped your notice that Superman is not a straight-historical figure. Or, possibly, neither straight nor historical, all things considered. :)

Susan... I am reminded of TV show Lois & Clark. I never care much for it, but I remember quite well the first episode. Clark and his mother are trying to come up with a costume he can wear when he's doing his superheroic thing. They finally arrive at the design that we're familiar with, but without the "S" on his chest. Martha Kent looks him up and down.

"They certainly aren't going to be looking at your face."

Rixosous dinner party? Presumably as well as very challenging to organise it would also be full of brabbles. Would there be fruit and cherrios surprise?

(And afterwards I'd hear all the actual voices and accents when I read posts, rather than what my brain assigns you)

Neil Willcox... I'd hear all the actual voices and accents

I've been told that I sound exactly the way Christopher Lambert did in Highlander.

Serge - I've been told that I sound exactly the way Christopher Lambert did in Highlander.

Well, that may well be the case, but what I read is very slightly americanised standard English, so that's what I hear in my head.

Except when you laugh - I hear a good gallic laugh then. Ahah!

I change my accent to what's beneficial. Down here in the south, it's sometimes good to have a bit of a drawl, I reckon. When I stay anywhere for more than a day, I start sounding like them.

Marilee... "I'll declare!"

Neil Willcox... I read recently that Joseph Conrad, for all the his great mastery of the writtn English language which he acquired in his early twenties, never could get rid of his Eastern European accent. My first exposure to the English language was Bugs Bunny. Luckily, based on something that our Hostess posted here not long ago, I don't sound him, in her opinion. She said nothing about Christophe Lambert either.

I've no idea how Christopher Lambert sounds; I have't seen Highlander since it was new. That's what, about 20 years ago? My memory for voices isn't THAT good!

I have a bit of remaining southern accent from my years in Texas. It comes and goes in certain words and vowel sounds, or if I'm around people with strong southern accents. The most obvious remaining bit is that unless I concentrate, I don't distinguish between "pen" and "pin," which in southwestern dialect are pronounced the same way. I can make that nasal "en" sound if I think about it, but usually I don't bother. Same with words with "em," like "them." The vowel sound turns into a short "i" as in "it." This was the source of endless amusement to my sadistic classmates when I moved up north as a teenager.

I do pick up accents and speech rhythms when I travel. Every time I go to any part of the U.K. I acquire some form of mild British accent after a few days.

Susan... That's what, about 20 years ago?

Almost 23 years ago, considering that "Highlander" came out in early 1986.


Anyway. I asked my wife about the Lambert similarity and she can't tell because she's too used to my accent to really hear it anymore. But she can tell I don't sound like David Suchet.

Serge, that'd be "I declare!"

(Belatedly catching up on comments)

I am willing to undertake a fruit and cheerios surprise if I could get enough people together for dinner! I just can't imagine what occasion would get enough of us in the same place.

(belatedly remembering what century it is)

If all of us have webcams, we could have a virtual Rixo party at some point. I expect there's some conferencing software that would let us get all the half dozen regulars on a single screen.

I'm sure there's software, but I don't have a webcam and am quite sure my system couldn't handle one.

Marilee: I have a webcam to spare, since my laptop has a built-in one. Not having a computer that can handle that is more of a challenge. Hmm.

From what I saw at a party I attended at Denvention, it's no easy task to set up partygoers thru a webcam. Maybe it's because the other person was in a Transtlantic location, but when I moved the webcam for that person to have a better view of things, it screwed something up and they had to spend the next 10 minutes playing with the software.

I can't imagine what the problem was. When my friends had a baby a few weeks ago, we were able to connect while they were still in the hospital, and pointing the lenses appropriately enabled me to see mom and baby. It took as long to set up as it took me to click on the "video" icon on my IM program. I vidchat with friends routinely on no notice at all. Getting Marilee functioning with a webcam would probably be simple given substantial enough hardware to support it.

I don't know what the problem was exactly. Maybe it's because they had to go thru the hotel's network. Or maybe tech types more savvy than yours truly overthink things.

I can think of four possible problems right off the top of my head, none of which I would be even slightly qualified to solve:

- the hotel network connection going in and out
- the hotel having some sort of wacky firewall they had to work around
- the hardware having come from several different people and been not-quite-compatible
- they were going through a web-based application for connection rather than IM and the website was flaky

I didn't try to use my laptop in the party hotel, so I don't know what issues there might have been there. But I like my Mac because it's all built in. I don't need anything except the laptop itself with its built-in camera and pre-installed software and any net connection that allows for IM. Not all connections allow the latter -- I can't get it from the office -- so that may not have been an option at Denvention. But my setup is perfect for clueless non-techies like me. It was a little alarming, though, when I first bought the Mac and the first thing it did was turn on the camera and look at me (and, worse, reflect me on the screen!) I turned that feature off immediately.

Susan... It was a little alarming, though, when I first bought the Mac and the first thing it did was turn on the camera and look at me (and, worse, reflect me on the screen!)

"Exterminate. Exterminate! Ex-ter-mi-nate!!!"

I think the problem at Denvention was that they were using a stand-alone program and it didn't play well with the hotel's network.

So I rewatched Quigley Down Under today (first time I've seen it from the beginning -- I never knew it was set in my home state before), and can report that at no point does Laura San Giacomo's character wear a corset as outerwear.

There is a lengthy sequence where the corset is the outermost garment she's wearing, but that's because she was in the midst of getting undressed for bed when there was a rude interruption that ended in her and Quigley being dumped out in the desert without anybody offering to let her put her dress back on first. When they get back within cooee of civilization, she stays out of sight until Quigley's been into town and got her a new dress.

It's a fun movie; I'm glad it's not guilty of an egregious fashion sin.

Paul A... Ahah! I had been catching the movie in bits and pieces and had missed the rude interruption.

Well, I feel safe watching it now, knowing that I won't have to pause the video for a conniption fit about the fashion.

(I don't really do that. I just make catty comments to my friends about it later.)

You might have an actual conniption fit about the fashion if you watch the mini-series Tin Man, what with the beautiful Wicked Witch wearing what looks like a copper corset (or is it a brass bra) as outerwear.

Metal corsets and bras are a special category that is more like armor than underwear and therefore gets hooted at for entirely different reasons.

I used to have a chainmail bikini done in a very tight weave, maybe 8-on-1, with thick rings (meaning virtually solid, enough to stop a knife blade though not anything heavier). I had to wear heavy leather shoulder padding under the straps, it was so heavy. I gave it away years ago. I suppose I should make myself another now. (I didn't make that one, but now I have the skills to do it.)

Susan... I used to have a chainmail bikini

Not for swimming, I hope.

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