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December 26, 2008


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I could have sworn I commented on this already, but I think maybe it was Ginger's review. I plan to see it, but I am way behind on movies. I saw that the Prop 8 folks are going to be required to give the names of donors!

Yeah, I liked that the judge basically said that who supported these propositions was exactly the sort of thing sunshine laws were written for. I notice it's already brought out the Mormon church's outright falsehood about its financial support.

Milk was a Navy officer?

You know, this reminds me of something I read when I was living in the Bay Area, that the Navy basically created San Francisco's gay community because, whenever it found that someone in its ranks was a homosexual, it'd discharge him. As to Navy was quite present in the Bay Area, it was a very likely place for someone to be let out and to ask himself "What now?"

As for the movie, I don't think it's still playing here in Albuquerque. I hope they release the movie in time for the Oscar.

Dropped a word.

I hope they release the movie on DVD by then.

Yes, he served on submarines during the Korean War and in San Diego as a diving instructor (meaning diving submarines, I think). I need to read the Shilts biography.

Susan... Not too bad for a 'sissy', eh?

As for the bathhouses... If he had been alive, and had advocated for their closure, Milk would probably have been torn down by our side. Republicans may be big on Saints, but not us: the moment our Saints show themselves to be flawed, that's it. They become Sinners. They're neither. They do the best they can, but that's too human.

Well, and there's always been "pleasure palaces" just outside the gates of a Navy base, and they aren't all for heterosexuals. The Army & Air Force have some of the same "just outside the door" areas, but it's not like the Navy where you've been on a ship for months.

Pleasure palaces? They actually called them that? Oh goodness.

I'll be in the Bay Area the last week of the month for my yearly review and I just remembered that the Castro Theater will be showing "Milk". Yay!

Serge, it's not alway in their name because of morals, you know, but for many years, town police looked away when a ship came into port.

Heh... My father-in-law was in the Navy, but I don't think he was very rowdy. He did say that going to Paris in 1958 and seeing those scantily clad danseuses was quite a... ah... revelation.

The actual bathhouse closure fight in San Francisco turned into an internecine brawl among Democrats, gay activists, health officials, and politicians. It was not exactly a moment of glory all around. I'm not sure Republicans were completely extinct in SF in the 1980s, but they weren't a big factor.

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