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December 04, 2008


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Neil... What has four wheels and flies?

A farming truck filled with horse manure?

An imagine-spot shows two cows so rotund that their feet don't touch the ground; one of them has a corgi biting her rear end (dangling far above the ground), and the other is saying "Don't look now, dear, but you have the largest tick I've ever seen!"

What a mental image! :D

And Neil, I love the video of the corgi herding chickens. I also watched one linked off of it of two corgis "herding" a beach ball through the snow, and then I had to stop watching videos, or I would have spent the entire day on YouTube overdosing on corgi cuteness.

AJ... corgi cuteness

The horror. The horror!

Susan, some people appreciate art/literature/etc. no matter the belief/behavior of the creator and some people will shun the work because of the belief/behavior of the creator. Everybody has to make their own choice.

Four wheels and flies? A car with a dead body.

Four wheels and flies? A car with a dead body.

They did that one on MythBusters. I haven't seen the entire episode, only little clips on another episode, and I almost gagged.

Serge: There is currently an outbreak of corgi cuteness on my chair-and-a-half in the office. My cynicism is rapidly draining away in the face of their adorable sleepiness! Awww!

AJ... Somebody brought a corgi to work? Pixar lets people do that(*), from what my former boss once said about her hubby who works there as an animator.

(*) Not just corgis, mind you.

Well, I could suggest a couple of other people they should avoid nominating on the basis of behavior, lack of ethics, etc.

What has four wheels and flies?

Duh! Chitty Chitty Bang Bang!

To clarify, w/r/t the WSFA thing:
I think if one is hosting a club meeting one is obligated to allow all the members in. I also think that if one can't stand someone, one shouldn't be required to have that person in one's home. The appropriate solution to these two things clashing is to move the meetings somewhere else, which is what seems to have eventually happened. It's a shame this was all handled so badly that it devolved into a club-splitting feud.

I think I'm fine not hearing any more details on the feuding part.

The 4 wheels and flies is a plot point somewhere in the middle of Stephen King's Dark Tower where the answer is "The town garbage truck". But all your answers are good too!

I assumed that the part about 'flies' probably was a noun, not a verb, as riddles are often supposed to have a misleading component. Also, some people in these parts like to make bad jokes. Otherwise, I'd have named, not Chitty Chitty Bang Bang like Susan did, but Bladerunner's spinners.

Serge: My husband and I both work from home, so our corgis live at work ;) The office is set up in one of our three bedrooms, and we have a chair-and-a-half that folds out into a twin bed. As soon as it was moved into the office, the corgis decided that it was a big, expensive dog bed. Most of the pictures of them on my Flickr album, they're sitting/lying/sleeping on it. Whoever is sleeping on the right (usually Daisy) is within easy arm's reach of my desk.

Susan: my gaming group isn't a club, per se, but there is a person in it who I can't stand and would prefer not to have in my house. However, we bought this house because it had a large workshop that could be converted into a game room, because my husband wanted to host gaming. So I have to put up with this person being in my house, but I do not play in any game that this person is part of. Thankfully, that game is now being hosted someplace else, but I suspect that when we finish the renovations on our game room, they'll come back.

However, there are people who I would probably never allow in my house. There was one guy who used to be part of our group and who was finally asked to leave for rampant cheating... however, he was also a looming physical presence and tended to get too touchy with most of the female gamers (I think I only escaped his attention by being married). I wasn't really comfortable when he knew where our apartment was, I don't think I would want him knowing where my house was. He also had boundary issues with inviting himself over and never leaving.

AJ... When I work from home (see the photo in the 'library' thread), I usually wind up with one dog curled up on the floor next to my chair. Or I wind up with this.

Ooooooh... I think I may visit this hat shop during my trip to the Bay Area at the end of February.

Serge: I love that picture of Agatha. Her expression is pure cat!

That looks like quite the upscale hat shop!

AJ... Her expression is pure cat!

"The human fool! The moment he looks away, I'll be buying so much good stuff with his Pawpal account!"

Serge, I went to a new restaurant in the area, Longhorn Steakhouse, and sat right next to one of those hats.

And Susan, I think this is the right thread, how about these leggings?

And Susan, I think this is the right thread, how about these leggings?

I could/would wear those. They'd go with this skirt that I bought to wear to the Swarovski party next week.

Marilee... Those leggings - in fact, the whole outfit - is... whoa.

The lack of prices on that hat shop's website would make me a little nervous. (Although hats are generally more expensive than one would expect.)

Those are pretty cool leggings, but I still want my leg-ruffles. The skirt concept is actually similar to what I was thinking of wearing over mine, though my idea is more bustle-style and sticks out a lot less on the sides.

Something is going on with this thread. Maybe it's because of its many messages. The front page says the last message is by Susan, but I don't see it, even after hitting 'refresh'. I'll come back later, at which point it'll be visible. This seems to have started yesterday afternoon.

I see both my comment and yours. Sometimes the comments take a moment to show up.

I see them now, Susan, as I expected, but I thought I'd mention it anyway.

Serge, I was having the same problem yesterday, except that if I hit refresh, it worked. Maybe it just likes me better ;)

Susan, I can't decide whether or not I like her dress/skirt in that picture. I think it's teetering right on the edge of over-the-top. But I like the general vibe of the outfit, a kind of Baroque steampunk, with an extra helping of "punk" thanks to those leggings (although they look almost like they might be an extension of the boots. Hard to tell in B&W).

AJ... I guess Susan's site is playing favorites because I had been hitting 'refresh', alas to no avail.

As for Sarah Brightman's costume... She needs a clock where her belly button is. Even better, she should have a clock in her big hair.

Maybe this clock?

(Also - Sarah Brightman has a clock in her merchandise line??!? I don't know if this brilliant or just bonkers. Of course it really needs to play this song)

Wow, Neil, that's some video! I bet she wishes it was hidden now!

AJ, very cute bustle-skirt! It's clearer in the original, they're separate from the boots.

Susan, so how about these bell bottoms?

I must say, you have to really like a musician to want a clock whose only adornment is said musician's signature.

Also, that video is so bad that I only got about a minute into it, and then I bookmarked it, so next time one of my husband's friends subjects us to an awful video, we have the perfect retaliation. Thank you for reminding me how happy I am to have been born too late for disco.

Marilee, I am so excited about the bustle skirt :D I can't wait to wear it. Not sure what top I'll wear with it, but if our 70-80 degree weather holds true, my options are pretty open.

(and I love those bell bottoms, too :D)

Neil Willcox... About that Brightman video... The horror! The Horror!!!

As for clocks in one's vestment, I was thinking of this.

I love the bell-bottomed horse! Long furry fetlocks, very nice.

That Sarah Brightman video is beyond words. The costumes...the makeup...the bare-chested guys...just, wow.

Disclosure: I was a big Phantom fan back in 1987, but I actually didn't like SB in the role as much as the other two people I saw/heard sing it. Somewhere I have a silly SB cartoon a friend of mine did on the topic of her emotional expressiveness.

I need to go wake up my three houseguests (out of four this weekend, all occasional-or-more Rixo commenters: Kat, Raven, Keira, Marc) and head to the city. My weekend so far:

Friday: host and DJ waltz evening. Copy & collate fliers until 2:30am
Saturday: host and lead evening of 19thc cotillions suitably revamped for modern times. Copy & collate fliers until 2:15am.
Sunday: Go to NYC & teach for five hours; return home and go to work. Finish flier collation.

Sorry if I've been a little quiet, but I am kinda swamped here.

Don't worry, Susan. As for Brightman's video, I think I'll go post an entry about it on my blog. I'll blame... I mean... thank Neil for the link and will remind people of all the neat tuff they miss out on when they don't visit Rixo.

Sarah was 18 at the time and they sold half a million copies of that record. Although it gets lumped into her early career in the biography on her site it's where she first came to public awareness. If only we all had such embarassing things in our pasts. I mean, I do, but this brought her fame and money and got her into the career she has. Mine are just embarassing.

On the other hand I was in a club last October for a friend's birthday and this came on, so she may she still be getting reminded of it 30 years later.

I really can't see who would want a Sarah Brightman clock. Although if my Dad was more of a fan - it's almost impossible to get him anything he wants for a present as he mostly buys things he wants. Perhaps one of her albums for his birthday and then the clock for christmas.

Also I have a new part-time job tutoring maths. Take that recession! Of course to singlehandedly kickstart the economy I'll have to spend the money. Time for a visit to the bookshop. Except it's Sunday and snowing. Damn it.

Neil... Glad to hear about the job.

Serge: Oh, some of those hats are lovely! Definitely a place to keep in mind should I get out there.

Carol... I'll be in the Bay Area the las week of the month, but I don't think I could easily get to the Menlo park shop as I'll be car-less. On the other hand, there is the other hat shop in Oakland right next to a BART train station.

Some time ago, I volunteered to watch Meet the Robinsons. My opinion? I liked the beginning. I liked the end. The events in between, as the young hero is whisked to the Future, leaves a lot to be desired. The bowler hats with mechanical spider legs were neat though.

Neil, I performed professionally from age 5 to 17 and never did anything like that. Of course, there's no copies of them, either, so maybe my mind has made them look better than they were. It was before disco, though.

Congrats, Neil! I can't tutor anybody but really smart people. I don't know how I learned things so I can't explain it to regular people.

Neil, congratulations on the job! May none of your students complain about math as much as I do ;)

Being stuck at home thanks to the snow I've dumped 10 examples of Sci-Fi Pop into one blogpost. It's not for the faint-hearted.

(Notices that he's talking about tutoring kids a couple of hundred comments into a post about steampunk erotica. Decides not to continue in this forum.)

My wife wasn't able to get me Mike Ploog's Moon Shadows, an out-of-print book of his art, for our wedding anniversary, so, last night, I decided to give myself a belated present. I went online to buy 3 DVDs. Time after Time cost more than Wild Wild West. That probably says how little the world appreciated that movie. Heck, I wasn't too happy with it either, but it did have that giant mechanical spider. I also treated myself to First Men in the Moon, the title of which is misleading because the hero's girlfriend comes along. (It was either that or have her get blown into space when their anti-gravity ship took off.) Then again, it was based on an HG Wells novel, so they could hardly rlease a movie called HG Wells's First Men and One Woman in the Moon.

Sounds interesting, Serge! AJ got a steampunk dragon at Gem Show (where she's working her fingers off packaging crystals for one of our beadstore owner friends) and I can't wait to see the picture!

We want pictures! Of the steampunk dragon, of course, not of AJ's detached digits.

Marilee... Does your offer of a few weeks ago stand, regarding your copying VHS tapes to DVD? If so, I'd like to have that done for Master of the World and maybe a few MST3K titles.

Yip! Yip! Yip! Is anyone else getting the same thing I am getting?

Try clicking a NAME in the list of recent comments. Tell me where you end up!

Wooo! It works! How awesome!

Here is the steampunk dragon, as well as other Gem Show purchases.

I did not quite work my digits off, but I did pinch the heck out of one of my fingers by pressing little caps onto little tubes of little crystals, before I learned that it was better to use the table to smoosh them into place.

The comment ids work! The comment links work! WOO HOO!!!!!

It's about bloody time, Typepad people!

I love the steampunk dragon, AJ!

Ooooh, very nice, AJ. And yes, the link works, Susan. Yay!

No more scrolling through seven screens of comments! Maybe I won't have to leave Typepad after all!

In case you're interested, Alan Moore's League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: 1910 is finally out. Two years late.

Margaret "Magpie" Killjoy is male, not female as the name might imply. And the stories are set in a post-civ culture as steampunk encompasses any period where the the use of steam or clockwork powered gear that is not mass-produced but made by hand is used. It may have started as a Victorian fiction genre but has taken on a new meaning for many people.

Somehow MK being male doesn't surprise me as much as it might, given the style of the stories.

The stories still are not particularly steampunk or, sorry, particularly good erotica. Perhaps his non-erotica stories work better.

Awesome! Its actually remarkable paragraph, I have got much clear idea concerning from this piece oof writing.

I love that book! Got to get the sequal

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