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December 16, 2008


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SFBC doesn't have it yet. I expected it in the last mailer, so maybe the next. You should email Patrick about the error. He was pleased to have the typos I found in The Ghost Brigades and this way it can be fixed before it goes to mmpb.

Patrick has indicated that I'm not to email him until he emails me, which event I'm not exactly holding my breath on, it having been over a year since he said he was going to do so. You can point him at my post or cut-and-paste that paragraph and send it to him if you like. I'd be surprised if someone hadn't already pointed it out to Scalzi himself on Whatever, though. It's a pretty dramatic mistake and Scalzi's commenters are not exactly shrinking violets.

Scalzi also can't quite suppress his own scintillating wit; many of his characters seem to have the same dryly sarcastic sense of humor.

Interesting. I met him at Denvention and, while that was a brief encounter, I never got the sense that he is that kind of person. I guess he becomes a different person in the word world. (Meanwhile, I've been told that in the not-word world that is the real world, I myself can be quite sarcastic. That greatly surprised me.)

I've never met him in person; I'm going by his writing on Whatever. I don't think he's mean, he's just got a very good sense of snark. I like his nonfiction writing every bit as much as his fiction.

You know what's weird? I was reading my Hugo-voter e-copy of The Last Colony and the scene in that book has the exact same error. I'm starting to wonder if I have a reading comprehension problem. Check me via the excerpt below in rot13, someone who's read one or the other book or is unconcerned about a noncritical spoiler:

V fghqvrq Uvpxbel pnershyyl. "Jung jbhyq unccra vs V naq Wnar pubfr abg gb fheeraqre gur pbybal?" V nfxrq. "Jung vs fur naq V qrpvqrq gur pbybal fubhyq or qrfgeblrq vafgrnq?"
[favc sbe yratgu]
"Jr jbhyq xvyy lbh naq Yvrhgranag Fntna," Uvpxbel fnvq. "Lbh naq nal bgure pbybavfg yrnqre jub jbhyq nhgubevmr gur qrfgehpgvba bs gur pbybal."
"Lbh jbhyq xvyy hf?" V fnvq.
[favc sbe yratgu]
"Yngre, Mbë," Wnar fnvq, naq ghearq ure nggragvba onpx gb Uvpxbel. "Jung nobhg abj?" Wnar nfxrq. "Jbhyq lbh fgvyy xvyy zr naq Wbua?"
"Vs lbh pubbfr gb fheeraqre gur pbybal, lrf," Uvpxbel fnvq.

Am I insane, or are the two italicized bits (my italics) completely opposite in meaning due to the absence of a "not" in the second one?

They should be opposite. They're two different acts. But I'm guessing you meant the bit before the first italics, and that's not an error, either. He's just checking Hickory's rules. Uvpxbel naq Qvpxbel'f cevznel checbfr vf gb fnir Mbr, naq fvapr rvgure fheeraqrevat be qrfgeblvat gur pbybal jbhyq qnzntr ure, gurl jbhyq xvyy gur nqhygf va rvgure pnfr.

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