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January 04, 2009


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Can we expect your bookshelves to soon display, not just a sheep and a carburator, but also a motion-activated handdryer?

As for Bolt, I didn't see it, but it sounds like I should put it on our NetFlix queue, as a divertissement if not as a monument of Cinema. The premise is silly, but it has to be accepted or else there will be no story even if it makes Bolt look dim. Are cats smarter than dogs? Maybe. Dogs, on the other hand, are social animals and smart at picking up cues about what is acceptable. Even my dumbbell Freya can tell when someone has committed a big no-no while Agatha the Cat Genius seems unable to understand, even after my frequently yelling at her, that the couch is not a scratching post.

It wouldn't fit on my bookshelves - it was about 18" by 12".

I expect I'm a cat person because I am not much of a social animal myself. Cats make sense to me, and I admire their independence and general indifference to/incomprehension of rules.

Speaking of cats... Our older cat, Jefferson, is the typical male cat, meaning he's such a pushover that everybody picks on him, including Agatha.

Speaking of dogs... Years ago, I read an article in Science News about how their association with humans started. If I remember correctly, they might have been wolves who couldn't hack in the pack so they were thrown out.

Yup... Dogs are the misfits of the lupine world.

Talk about the revenge of the nerds...

Miley Cyrus plays pop-star Hannah Montana in the eponymous series beloved of small girls everywhere. There's some pop music associated with the series/character/movie etc. too I'm told, although I couldn't pick it out of some kind of modern chart girl-pop line-up if such a thing ever happened.

Miley Cyrus is also the daughter of 90s country music one-hit-wonder Billy Ray Cyrus.

I'm not too interested in Bolt, but I do enjoy the current trend of 3d animated movies. We just saw Coraline in 3d this week, and it was pretty cool. I do wish our theaters had some sort of recycling receptacle for the glasses, though. Or that they'd give you a discount if you kept them and brought them to future 3d shows.

The NYC theater had a recycling bin for the glasses and a prominently-posted request to place the glasses in it. I was thinking of keeping mine but decided to be a good girl and recycle them.

The theater where I saw Coraline also recycles the 3D glasses. It was nice not to get the headache that used to result from putting glasses on top of glasses. Still, I'd have preferred watching it in 2D.

I saw Coraline last night and was considering keeping the glasses, but then I realized they weren't going to charge me less for having my own next time, so I recycled them. I had trouble with my regular glasses in the last 30 minutes or so -- they started pressing on my nose.

Well, next time I go see a 3D movie, I'll have to ask them about the recycling.

Susan, since they don't recycle them here, I have a couple of pairs floating around. If you'd like, I'll drop a pair in the mail for you :)

That would be great! Thanks!

I was filling out my Oscar pool ballot for work, pretty much by guesswork since the only three pertinent films I've seen are Iron Man, Milk, and Bolt. The latter is up against Kung Fu Panda and WALL-E for the animated film award. It'll be interesting to see which end up on the Hugo ballot as well. If I get more than one or two Oscar guesses correct I'll be astonished.

Part of our ballot was a question on who the first and last people in the "in memoriam" montage would be. I didn't even know they had such a montage (never watched the Oscars in my life) so I went back to that Turner Classic Movies video Serge posted about here back in December or so to get some names. I guessed Cyd Charisse first and Paul Newman last.

I'd include Charlton Heston.

I only get a "first" and "last" guess. I was guessing "last" would be the most important person, and I was torn between Newman, Pollack, and Heston. I decided I liked Paul Newman best, so I guessed him. That's a more substantive basis than I had for most of my ballot!

Office games: very weird things. They seem to really like them here.

My top would have had to be Chuck Heston. I didn't care at all for his politics, but many of my favorite movies had him in them.

Speaking of cats and dogs... I was quite amused by 2001's Cats & Dogs, in which the cats and dogs of our reality are shown using technology. The dogs do it to protect humans. Cats do it to try to enslave us. There is an evil Russian kitty who coughs up hairballs with grenades inside of them, and ninja cat assassins, and mastermind cat Mister Tinkles, who, after a maid dresses him up, furiously exclaims:

"Evil does not wear a bonnet!"

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