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March 27, 2009


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Christopher Plummer in gold lamé? That reminds me of the extremely awful Italian space opera Star Crash.

Glad you had a good time.
Glad you were over 6 feet tall.

It was a pleasure seeing your boots, hat, and you. Next year we'll try to make more of the con. Having a 5 month old puts a kibosh on things like that. Although Balticon should be fun.

And I expect to show Sandy Repo real soon now.

Yes, that's it...I've seen it now and written it up and as soon as I get the pictures in the post will appear.

Susan... I saw that movie 30 years ago and it still leaves a bad taste in my mouth just to think about it. (The only other Star Wars ripoff of that era that can compete with it in the abysmal category would be Japan's Message from Space.) I expect that reading what you have to say about it will have me smile if not keeling over from laughter.

I, too, had a very good time and was surprised and saddened to hear about the major troubles other people had.

I have to confess that I was one of the people on a panel I was not qualified for, but I'd already backed out of one thing, and didn't want to back out of another.

Mary Aileen:
I think that the original fault for that sort of thing lies with the program people. Did you know before the convention? My only suggested approach is to withdraw from the panel and offer to be on another, but that works better pre-con.

Great costumes for you and Mary Aileen!

Planet Stories is a publisher that's republishing old stories. I've got the book with all of the Northwest Smith stories.

My wife and I are going to Westercon in Tempe/Phoenix for the July 4th weekend, and I got an email the other day asking if my wife would like to be on some programs. After all, she is a writer. The woman, whom I knew from Making Light, also asked me, but I'm not sure what she thinks I'm qualified for. I did offer to put together a steampunk movie track, but it's probably too late for that.

Marilee... Northwest Smith? Goodness, that takes ne back to my college days.

I like Northwest Smith just fine ("Shambleau" is an old favorite of mine) but I don't see him combining well with Jirel of Joiry. If nothing else...old world France and space travel? Um, huh?

My next Steampunk thing will be at Balticon, where I am doing another Steampunk Ball and also a panel on Steampunk costumes. I don't feel hugely qualified for the latter, but I'll manage.

Susan... Smith & Jirel, together? Why not, thanks to the wonders of Time Travel?

Susan... I'll manage

Don't you, usually?

I'm not that big on crossovers, and this seems like an especially unfortunate one. If "why not" isn't obvious to you, I don't think I can explain it.

Susan... Personally, I do not like crossovers either. I was simply pointing out how possible it would be. I realize now that you were refering to the lameness of that crossover. In fact, it goes beyond lame.

Susan: I knew my schedule before the con, yes. That's how I was able to drop out of the Knitters and Crocheters Yarn Swap* and substitute the Middle Grade Fantasy panel, at the same hour. But it felt funny to then drop out of something else, too.

*I don't knit, I don't crochet, I have no yarn to swap.

I don't knit, I don't crochet, I have no yarn to swap.

That's an impressively bad piece of scheduling! What on earth were they thinking? (rhetorical question)

Last year I had to tell them to scrap almost my entire schedule for similar reasons, compounded by them having given it to me only three days pre-con, leaving me no time to prep for items I might have done had I had time to actually work on them.

Northwest Smith crossover with Jirel of Joiry; on the one hand this won't work as Smith and Jirel occupy the same position as protagonist in the same type of story* (weird stuff breaks in from another time/dimention/state of mind/planet etc.) so having both is redundant. On the other hand, it works fine as both are used to weird stuff breaking in from another time so it fits together brilliantly.

* From memory; I may be exactly wrong on this

I do have one crossover on my to-read list: Stark and the Star Kings, where Leigh Brackett's Eric John Stark meets her hubby Edmond Hamilton's Star Kings. That crossover is less unusual, but I expect that time travel is involved, but not weird things from another dimension. The only reason I have the book is because I love Brackett's stuff even though I've heard it's not that good.

Weird crossover media-related novel: the X-men meet Star Trek's Next Generation.

Susan: They were probably led astray by my describing myself as a fiber artist (I meant fabric artist, but had a brain glitch). The fact that I then specified quilting and stuffed-animal-making obviously didn't overcome their assumption that fiber artists *must* be interested in yarn.

I'm a fiber (fabric) artist of sorts, if one includes costume, but I also have no interest in yarn.

Mary Aileen... describing myself as a fiber artist (I meant fabric artist

Dare I say that was a cloth call?
("No, you do not dare.")
Yes, Susan.

The boots were a pretty amazing experience: thigh-high with lacings and buckles, made of very shiny PVC, with high heels and platforms. They made me over six feet tall

This reminds me of the scene from Monsters vs Aliens, when B.O.B. the Blob meets a giant girl.

B.O.B.: What do people scream when they see you coming? Like "Look out! Here comes...?"
[leaves the question hanging]
Susan Murphy: Susan.
B.O.B.: [spookily] SUUUUSSAAANN!
B.O.B.: Ooh, I just scared myself!

weird stuff breaks in from another time/dimention/state of mind/planet etc.

Well, then, a crossover's easy: Jirel of Joiry (or Northwest Smith) goes to investigate weird stuff breaking in from another time/dimension/whatever, and... it's Northwest Smith (or Jirel of Joiry)!

(NB: I don't know whether this would actually work, as I have never yet read any of the adventures of either. Yes, I know, shame.)

Further on the subject of implausible crossovers between an author's characters from disparate timezones:

There exists an official three-way crossover between Osamu Tezuka's Astro Boy (science fiction, set in the distant future year of 2001), his Black Jack (medical thriller, time period not specified but clearly futuristic) and his Princess Knight (swashbuckling fantasy, definitely set in the 15th century).

I remember thinking it was one of the coolest things I'd ever seen; mind you, I was about twelve years old then. (It should also be noted that although I am not twelve years old now, I have yet to encounter anything starring Black Jack that I didn't think was one of the coolest things I'd ever seen.)

Back to the original post:

My prize acquisition for the evening was the cartoon at the top of this post by artist Alexis Gilliland depicting me in my bustle ballgown.

A prize indeed!

Short fiction seems to be destined to get shorter and shorter and shorter

And meanwhile long fiction seems to be getting longer and longer...

I was puzzled by a large painting in which Perseus is shown receiving what looks like a soup tureen with little wings in it. Presumably those are the winged sandals, invisible in the depths of the tureen, but why were they being presented in dinnerware?

I seem to recall that the sandals came with a matching helmet, which looks rather bowl-like in some of the depictions I've seen. Could that be it?

Paul A... Jack Black as a Mexican wrestler does sound cool. Ever seen him in that public annoucement cum musical number he did last year against Prop 8? He played Jesus. Here it is on YouTube.

I keep nominating Alexis in the Fan Artist category but he doesn't make the ballot lately. I love his stuff, and he often draws little cartoons for me at Lunacon.

Fiction length: yes, something between the doorstopper and the Twitter would be nice, wouldn't it? I'm perfectly happy with a good 300-350 page novel.

On Perseus: yeah, delivering shoes IN a hat, very hygienic. As a helmet, let's just say it was wide enough to make a good soup tureen. Maybe if he'd had a head like a mushroom.

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