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March 06, 2009


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Thank you Susan, for providing the link to the forum that Steve set up. I had an e-mail earlier today from a mutual friend of Marilee's and mine, asking if I had heard from her. Now I can send her the link so she can be in the loop, too.

I hope she gets better soon.

Terribly clich├ęd to say so, but my thoughts are with her.

It's amazing how well Marilee's system of "post on LJ to prove I'm not dead" works - after <48 hours with no posts alarms were sounding all over the place.

The system certainly worked, and hopefully it'll fill Marilee with joy that it worked so well and so loud.

Ack. I don't have any words.

The forum linked above has been very active with Marilee's friends from various places on the net and reports from people who have visited her in the hospital. She's definitely still there mentally, though still having trouble finding words. I am cautiously optimistic that she may have dodged the bullet, though I don't imagine recovery is going to be any fun and what this means for her long-term health is unclear.

Marilee's birthday is Tuesday, and Steve has asked for birthday greetings to be posted in a specific thread on the forum for him to print out and bring to her on Tuesday night. Please read the instructions for this (in a separate post) before posting - there are specific requests re. font size, use of color, etc.

I used the KISS principle in my wishes to her. I hope she comes back to us soon.

Updating from the Marilee-forum:

The news is quite good: she's probably going to a normal hospital bed sometime this week and they're estimating a one-month rehab period before she can return home.


Happy Birthday, Marilee.

I miss her! I don't know how soon she'll be able to come back. One of her visitors said that while she is coherent and grammatical, it's like she's forgotten her entire English vocabulary. I don't know if that will apply to writing/typing as well as speech or to what degree it can be repaired/relearned, or how quickly.

But it is a source of gladness that we still have Marilee in the world, even if not with us at the moment.

Update on a visit last night here.

Short version: physically pretty good, problems finding words in speech but able to carry on a conversation, not able to read.

That last scares me to death.

Not being able to read? That's way up there on my list too. Let's hope that this is indeed a short-term situation.

I derive hope from Soren's progress in recovering from his much worse stroke back in October.

The latest report is that Marilee's reading skills are making a comeback. Phew!

Woo hoo!

Good news indeed!

The latest... She has asked not just for her cell phone but for a book she was half-done with before her stroke.

Didn't she get a little notebook computer of some kind recently? I hope she asks for that soon...

Yes, that's the one the giving of which was organized by Ginger. It'll be nice when Marilee pops back around.

I just got an email notification about Marilee. This time though, when I clicked on the link, the 'post' about Marilee contained nothing about our girl. It instead looks like a link to spam-smelling places. I didn't test that theory though.

I don't think anyone is sending out email updates, so that's probably spam.

The latest update on the forum is that she may be released TOMORROW!!!!

So I've heard. Huzzah!

Has anybody heard recent news?

According to a book group friend, she's now at Mount Vernon Hospital in Alexandria for physical and language therapy.

Thanks, Carol.

Latest update:
She's now at the hospital that will do the PT/rehab. They don't expect her to be there long. She's talking pretty well. There's a video of Marilee up here.

It's funny...while I've seen pictures of Marilee, I'd never heard her voice before!

I had never heard Marilee, but I am quite happy that I could do so today.

Susan, the first time that Marilee called me when she started having this trouble, it was really weird. Her voice sounded much younger than I expected.

Marilee is back to posting.

It looks from this visit report that Marilee is making a pretty full recovery very quickly.

Who knows? She may be back here in a few days. Looking forward to that, whenever that is.

Marilee is home and posting on her LJ!!

Thanks, Susan. I was wondering.

Let's see. My post here for today. :) It was after the first stroke that the doctors had me call someone everyday so they'd know I was alive. Then there was email, and three years ago, LJ instead. And yes, it does seem to work.

I wasn't there mentally at first. I thought the nurses were werewolves and would hurt me and I tried to escape and they restrained me. I have most words back, but there are still some that are in my head but don't come out.

I couldn't read for a bit, but I finished the book I'd started and am halfway through the last book of the series.

I really appreciate Steve taking things on. He and his wife Carol brought me home yesterday. When the hospital insisted on a contact, his name was the only one I could read in my phone.

Welcome back, Marilee. We missed you!

Hurrah! Marilee is back!

It's so good to see you here again, Marilee. We've missed you.

Welcome back, Marilee!

Your friend Steve is awesome. Please give him a high five for me. His forum kept me from worrying TOO much. I knew just what to worry about and didn't have to make up crazy things to worry about ;)

Friends. The best thing there is.

Welcome back, Marilee!

Welcome back, Marilee!

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