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April 07, 2009


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Not sure if the videos are workplace-safe, or if I can appreciate them with the colume down, so I'll have to hold off until tonight. As for your comment that "...German is a great language for rage, and as a friend of mine pointed out, for all I know they might just be aggressively reciting their grocery lists..." It makes me wonder what French is a great language for, besides the obvious Pépé le Pew jokes.

I do like a little Rammstein now and then, ever since I saw the AMV to their Engel video set to Neon Genesis Evangelion clips.

For more good German folk/dance metal, I really like In Extremo, Tanzwut, and Corvus Corax (the latter two actually being the same bands, Tanzwut when they're really metal and Corvus Corax when it's just old instruments). All of the above involve bagpipes, so avoid them if you don't like that instrument no matter how well it's played...

Everyone knows what French is supposed to be best for, don't they?

I'd say that "Sonne" is not safe for work. "Reise, Reise" is safe. The other two are edge cases.

Now we know for sure that I'm a lot older than you are: I'm listening to the Time-Life Flower Power CD set. :)

Well, you can watch the videos if you need a little change of pace.

Susan... Everyone knows what French is supposed to be best for, don't they?

English-language books translated into French become longer and thicker (ahem), but what else is there? Hmmm. Oh, THAT STUFF...

Hey, I managed to get through my entire post without saying "music to .... to" so don't expect me to get explicit in the comments!

You're on your best behavior today, Susan?

I think I like the first one best, especially because of the idea of a werewolf that is a whole pack. For some reson, these videos make ne think of Tanith Lee.

The 'reson' is rather obvious to anyone who read Lee's stuff of the early 1980s. And I should learn to be a better typist.

I read Red as Blood long ago, so I get the Tanith Lee thing.

I only look like a good typist because I can go in and edit my comments to remove typos. :)

Susan... I can go in and edit my comments to remove typos

I'd say "Cheater!" except that, by not having that capability, I am forced to get it right the first time. Except that the first time isn't, because of the preview button, and still I let oops things thru. Part of the cause of my typing deficiencies is that keyboards are not identical as to how far apart keys are, and how much of a push keys need even within the same keyboard.

As for Tanith Lee... I very much enjoyed her stuff, but I nearly overdosed in 1983 when I became involved in the worldcon masquerade presentation based on her Demon Lords. For some reason, I had thought it necessary to read the books as preparation for the presentation. Reading can lose its pleasure if you feel it has to be done.

aggressively reciting their grocery lists.

Hmmm....I never learned all that much to begin with, but my little sister's taking it, and I'm sure she's gotten as far as food by now...maaaybe...

*scrawls something down on a sticky-note*

Also, I definitely am enjoying all the fairy tale twists. But then again, fractured fairy tales are pretty much one of my favourite genres ever, so I'm naturally inclined to enjoy them.


I've never read the Demon Lords of Darkness books. Probably should.

Good to see you back Sor. Did the cookies and CD arrive?

More fairy tale stuff coming next week, I think.

About fractured fairy tales... Did anybody ever see the TV mini-series The Tenth Kingdom about 10 years ago? It was way too long for the story it had to tell, but it had a neat moment when older Snow White, played by Camryn Mannheim, tells the main character about her own birth and her mother's blood spilt on snow.

Serge, I saw The Tenth Kingdom and also read the book. Pretty fun stuff. Was it really about 10 years ago? I guess it was. Yikes.

AJ... Not quite 10 years as it premiered in February 2000. I very much liked the Wolf who turned out not to be bad at all. Remember the following year's Jack and the Bean Stalk mini-series? It had Matthew Modine as Jack, Mia Sara as Ondine, and Jon Voight as the evil businessman who abducts the Goose that Lays Golden Eggs.

Serge, I never saw the Jack mini-series. I moved out of my parents' house, and thus away from TV, in March 2000, and somehow that mini-series never caught my eye at Blockbuster or on Netflix.

AJ... You might want to take a look if ever it comes your way. Like most of the miniseries produced by those people, you have to slog thru stuff that could have been thrown out, but there are moments that I thought were gems.

My German is terrible, but the handful of words I get from the videos suggest that their grocery lists would be very... interesting.

After hesitating, I'll point out my own version of Red Riding Hood which forms part of a bunch of fairy-ish tales I've been neglecting recently (there are two beginnings in drafts that have been there for at least 6 months).

Neil... Thanks for the links. I'll probably have to wait until tonight (my tonight, not your tonight) to read them. By the way, did you ever see Company of Wolves? No, not the French historical movie where an American-Indian uses kung fu to fight werewolves. It's an early 1980s movie where Little Red Riding Hood meets lycanthropes, if I remember correctly. I think it was director by the same man who did Roan Inish.

One of my favorite parts of Realms of Fantasy was folkroots when Terri Windling was writing it. It's amazing how we don't know stories that we think we know.

By the way, Rixo is now within thirty comments of #5000 and will probably get there in the next day or three if you guys keep talking. Who will it be? Hopefully not me!

Susan... Who will it be? Hopefully not me!

It'll probably will be someone who seldom posts here, statistically unnlikely as that may be.

This is strange. I'm sure I used the html for italics in my previous 2 posts of this thread. Maybe I need coffee.

I know, I know, I'm posting this in the wrong thread, but I did find that book that inspired Farmer's Riverworld. It was John Kendrick Bangs's A House-Boat on the Styx.

The Company of Wolves is quite fantastic, as I recall, though it's been a long time since I've seen it. It fuses all sorts of definitions of wolfishness, with a very imagistic treatment of a young woman's development. Based on stories by Angela Carter, who does her own wild treatments of fairy tales.

As to the Tanith Lee Demon books, Night's Master is probably the one you want to try. The first, and in my opinion the best, with a very bisexual and ambivalently evil demon as the center of its stories.

Here is the trailer for Neil Jordan's 1984 movie The Company of Wolves.

Clifton... My memories of Lee's Demon Princes are hazy, but, yes, Night's Master was the best of the three books.

Earlier I mentionned 2001's miniseries Jack and the Beanstalk. I found its coming attraction on YouTube. It obviously was copied from a VHS tape, thus the poor quality, but here it is. Oh, and in case someone wants to watch the actual miniseries, I just bought the DVD.

Serge, your two recent comments are missing their links. (Jack and the Beanstalk and In the Company of Wolves)

Mary Aileen,
Hmm, the links work for me.

And, incidentally, congrats on having comment #5000 on Rixo!

Congratulations, Mary Aileen!

As for the links, do they work now? If not, maybe your current location blocks out YouTube.

#5000? Yay, me! ;)

The links weren't there at all for me earlier, but they are now. (That is, they weren't just blocked, they didn't exist.) Odd.

Having finally gotten around to reading the Ravenswood tales, I like them, though not as much as Major Squick (who also hasn't been heard from recently....)

I like the Red Riding Hood retelling the best, I think. Are you ever going to write about when she meets the cat again?

I will keep both The Company of Wolves and Night's Master in mind for my viewing/reading plans. I've been aware of both for a long time; I just haven't gotten around to seeing/reading them.

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