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April 26, 2009


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Wow! That sounds like you had a lot of fun! And calling a dance at an 18th century-style wedding is really neat!

I could get a seriously swelled head from all the positive feedback I get at dance festivals.

Swelled heads are good to have, as long as they're your own, and not a cranium collection you keep in the basement and which would have the police very unhappy with you. Which is my way to say I'm glad you had a much-deserved good time.

It was, as always, lovely to see you. I'm glad you bought the sheep!

Glad to hear you had a reasonably good time, and wonderful to see you. And to reply to the comment you left me, it is totally okay to link my livejournal here --I don't want my real last name floating the internet, but I keep myself perfectly public.

For those interested for whatever reason, my NEFFA report is here: http://kdsorceress.livejournal.com/410609.html


Yeah, I was walking back by and just couldn't resist the silly little long-haired ram. He's on my bookshelf now.


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