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April 05, 2009


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That sounds like a well spent weekend.

I had to google 'mitzvah tank' otherwise I'd have been in need of a mind scrubbing. (I blame Mel Brooks.)

Things I saw in a city today:

a human tower three people high
visiting French kids with the exchange rate working well for them at the moment
far too many sensible black work shoes not available in size 12

I'm accustomed to seeing a mitzvah tank; there was always one parked on the university grounds on Fridays when I was in school. Probably still is. What I'm not used to is seeing fifteen or twenty of them in parade with the police stopping traffic to accommodate them.

Things I see from inside the condo: birds and squirrels. A friend is coming tomorrow to take me to the credit union, me take her to lunch, and her take me grocery shopping. I tell you, if the new car keys come before next Monday, I'm likely to drive even though the doctor said not until the 13th. (There's no requirement for me not to drive, she's just being cautious.)

Things not seen here in Albuquerque, but heard....

This is the second night in a row where a coyote concerto has been heard, originating about 200 feet up the hill from our house.

There is a reason why we don't like it when Agatha the Cat Genius sneaks out.

Things I see from my office window: raindrops on little green buds on the branches of the tree outside.

When I was working in San Francisco, this is the kind of thing I'd have the joy of seeing out my office window - when I wasn't kept so busy that I didn't have time to look around.

I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched C-beams glitter in the darkness at Tanhauser Gate. All those moments will be lost in time like tears in rain.

...all I see is a big fluffy cat sleeping on my desk.

I've seen the sun on Arrakis
And I've felt her golden sand
On Wrigley's I once won a bet
And I've held a queen's fair hand

Winning a baseball bet and the Queen's mitt sounds like a good deal to me.

I was actually quoting from the song "God Lives on Terra" by filker (and Campbell Award-winning author) Julia Ecklar. It's an absolutely gorgeous song, even for someone as irreligious as myself.

Susan... Ahah. Not being a filker, I missed that one.

As for being irreligious, it never stops us from appreciating the music and art created by religious impulses.

"Can see things no one else can see. Do things no one else can do."
"Real things?"
"As real as Lo Pan!"
"Hey, what more can a guy ask for?"
"Oh, a six-demon bag!"
"Terrific, a six-demon bag. Sensational. What's in it, Egg?"
"Wind, fire, all that kind of thing!"

Things I expect to see in a city, starting tomorrow, not necessarily in precisely this order:

The train station.
The hotel.
Old friends.
The art show at Swancon with a picture by me in it (for the first time).
The view from on a panel (also for the first time).
A shop selling recumbent bicycles.
The train station again.

(I don't expect to see much of the internet, so you won't be seeing much of me for the next week or so.)

Paul A... A good time to you!

Things I saw in the city yesterday: snowflakes.

Things I'm seeing in the city today: more snowflakes.

Strictly speaking, seen in the city although we really live on the outskirt of the city...

Up the hill on the other side of our backyard's wall, my wife saw one of the convert-giving coyotes that I've mentionned before. Those guys and gals are awesome, but they're not permitted to eat Agatha the Cat Genius.

Seen in my city, which is not the city of the original post:
Giant Rat of Sumatra Possum on the fire escape
Albino skunk in the back yard
Turkey in the IKEA parking lot
Kittens under a dumpster
Hawk on the tree outside my office

Things I see on the Swancon website:

Paul's panel.
a very nifty logo riffing on Michelangelo

Have a great time!

Seen in my backyard... Widdle gwey wabbits. Roadrunners. Coyotes. Draw your conclusions.

Paul A... Hey! You're a fan of Sharon and Steve?

Very nice art too, Paul.

Susan, I sang "God Lives on Terra" even though I'm not religious. It really is a great song. And I've been outdoors and seen flowers and trees and nice green grass. I managed to get through the grocery store with just sitting down twice, so I think I'll manage by myself next week.

Nice reference to Things You See in a Graveyard. I have created a monster ~.^

What was with all those mitzvah tanks? they were an amazing sight.

Apparently it was a pre-Pesach parade.

(Hurrah for someone who actually catches the reference in the title!)

Is your appetite returning now and the nausea lessening?

I know something you don't know.
I've been places no one goes.
I've seen things that make men sigh
that make men try to be.

I know a place where the music is fine
And the lights are always low
I know a place where we can go

At the door there's a man who will greet you
Then you go downstairs to some tables and chairs
Soon I'm sure you'll be tappin' your feet
Because the beat is the greatest there

Oh, yes, when I was at the ER on the 28th, the doctor gave me a scrip for phenergan and that got me eating. It helps a lot when there's no nausea. In fact, I'm taking the friend who went to the ER with me, lizzibabe on LJ, out to dinner tonight.


Hey! You're a fan of Sharon and Steve?

Yes, I am. (I think I mentioned it in a comment on your livejournal once, when you casually mentioned that you knew them.)

Very nice art too, Paul.

Thank you.


That logo is now officially nifty -- award-winning, in fact.

One of the events of Swancon is the presenting of the WA Science Fiction Foundation Achievement Awards -- called the "Tin Ducks", for reasons that this parenthesis is too small to contain -- and this year the award for best non-professional art work went to the very nifty logo.

Paul A... Now I remember your making that comment in my LJ about Sharon & Steve. I don't know if you've ever met them, but they're wonderful people.

Remember those coyotes that gave us a concerto last week late at night? Well, my wife called this morning to say that one of them had been enjoying our back lawn, maybe 20 feet from her home office's window. When the coyote saw, it just lackadaisically strolled away before jumping over the wall. Luckily, Agatha the Cat Genius was inside.

I think it might be a good idea to make Agatha a 100%-indoor cat. Just saying.

Susan... I couldn't agree more, but, like the human she's named after, she is quite determined.

I am confused, just saying...the Swancon logo, is that your art, Paul? Or am I just misunderstanding Serge's compliment above? Is your art elsewhere on the site and I missed it?

I think I need more sleep.

Susan, it's not surprising you're confused, since you're only getting the back end of a conversation that started on my livejournal. That was where I mentioned that some of my noodlings (related to, but not yet including, the piece I exhibited at Swancon) can be seen on Flickr.

The Swancon logo is far too good to be my work, alas. The artist's name is Kathryn Linge.

Okay, I have been to your LJ and from there to your flickr Things. What is DrawMo? And why things? I feel like I'm still missing half the story here. (If it's on a particular LJ comment thread, could you tell me which one?)

Wandering around cluelessly in the digital wilderness...

About DrawMo.

And why Things? I wanted to draw something, and I couldn't think what to draw, so I decided to draw some Thing. The advantage of Things is that you can just start drawing one and see how it comes out. And you don't have to worry so much about whether your drawing looks like the thing you're trying to draw.

(Also, there were the titles. Mostly, the title came first and then I figured out a picture to go with it.)

Hah, I should have caught the "Mo" suffix, since I have a friend who's done NaNoWriMo a number of times.

Did you indeed manage to draw every day for a month?

Mostly. There was, if memory serves, one day when I didn't get a drawing done, so I did two the next day to make up for it.

I didn't get any kind of momentum going, though. As soon as the month was over, I uttered cries of weary gladness and dropped straight back to my usual level of productivity.

I don't know that the purpose of the "Mo" things is to inspire ongoing momentum; certainly most people can't keep up a NaNoWriMo pace indefinitely. It still seems like a satisfying sort of challenge to meet.

Spam spam spam

Yeah, I come along and delete 'em every couple of days. No idea why I'm suddenly being barraged with spam across all my blogs.

And it's the subtle type where the real spam is under the name. They just say stupid things in the comment. I liked the one where she congratulated you on being pregnant!

I don't even look at the comment -- I can tell by the names!

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