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May 21, 2009


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Susan, I hope it gets fixed quickly. In the meantime, thanks for the direct links. The Wolverine thread is also on a second page of comments (but at least it's not the fifth!).

"It's not my fault!"
- Han Solo.

Wolverine comment link added.

Oh, hey! The direct links to comments are working for me now. Hooray!

Yeah, it seems to be back.

Let me try posting something in italics now.


Not only does the html seem to be back as well, but they're now letting me set comments-per-page to 100 instead of 50, which is a nice improvement! (Not that I wouldn't prefer no pagination at all, but we're still fighting that one.)


The scene - TypePad HQ:
"Looks like your changes messed things up."
"Users are not happy."
"One of them is Susan de Guardiola."

It looks like the "Subscribe to this blog's feed" is still broken. I had noticed that I wasn't getting any email notice when a new Rixo thread comes up so I decided re-subscribe. What I get is a screen fileld with HTML.


*looks particularly idiotic*

Um, huh?

THe LJ feeds seem to work.

Forget it, Susan. Lack of sleep is starting to get to me.

Say, how close are we to the next 1000th comment?

About halfway there.

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