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June 29, 2009


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I not only read this one myself, I sent an electronic copy of it on a 4G thumbdrive to my nephew as his high school graduation present. It's entirely possible my brother won't let him read it, though.

I think this is Cory's best novel so far, although I still have some problems with the probability of a lot of stuff.

I certainly enjoyed the book. The sense that things happened too easily, with a well-oiled snik-snik-snik of dominoes falling prearranged patterns was less noticeable than it has been in a lot of books aimed at adults. I appreciate also the how-to nature of the book, which is well done.

Security theater... A couple of years ago, the airport in Albuquerque set up booths thru which some of us would stand while high-pressure jet airs were quickly shot at us. The idea was that it'd loosen off dangerous substances we might be carrying. I guess the people who bought that bill of goods never heard of ziploc bags.

Marilee... It's entirely possible my brother won't let him read it

Some of today's parents grew up in the 1960s and I'd like to ask them how THEY would have felt if their parents had done a fraction of what they do to keep their kids 'safe'.

the lines of barefoot air travelers being carefully protected from dangerous shampoo at a TSA checkpoint. (...) Even last fall's election hasn't dramatically changed the fact that the terrorists have won: they've terrorized us into doing this to ourselves

I'll be happy with Obama if/when he tells the TSA to stop just the shoe-removal. Not that I feel embarassed by the odor that emanates when I take them off, of course.

In spite of all that...

A happy Fourth to my fellow Americans!

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