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June 07, 2009


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Walter's Elizabeth was a little too much like Miranda Richardson's Black Adder version

Oh my.

Did you ever see 1971's movie "Mary, Queen of Scotts"? If not, and you probably didn't, you should rent it. I think it too had the two Queens meet, albeit briefly - and this before Mary gets the chop. Quite a cast, with Vanessa Redgrave as Stuart, Glenda Jackson as Elizabeth. Timothy Dalton (as a blonde!) is Lord Darnley, Ian Holm is Riccio, Mary's councelor and also Dalton's boyfriend.

In other imaginary meetings, Janet Langhart Cohen's play Anne and Emmett was supposed to be at the Holocaust Museum last night but was cancelled because of the shooting. Her husband, former Defense Secretary Bill Cohen, was there during the shooting.

I just posted on my blog about another imaginary meeting of historical figures here.

I wonder if someone ever wrote a story or a play about Aaron Copland's dealings with Joe McCarthy. Strictly speaking, it wouldn't be an imaginary meeting. Copland did become a target of McCarthy's UnAmerican Activities Committee, and was asked to meet with Joe in private. That apparently was the latter's favorite tactic: that way, if his target showed itself to be intimidated in private, he knew it was safe to go after him/her in public. My understanding is that Copland basically told him to frak himself and to bring it on.

Still, it'd have been interesting to see what would have happened if Joe had gone ahead anyway.

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