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June 21, 2009


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Not safe for work? I'll take a look tonight.

When you mentionned 'Nick Adams', I immiediately thought of the Nick Adams who starred in Outer Limits episode "Fun & Games". Yes, my brain is cluttered with trivia. Why do you ask?

I found it hilariously funny, myself. Cheered me up.

The activities are simulated, but, um, even the simulation is NSFW. At least for my workplace.

(Also, it says something peculiar about my mind that I watch that video and think, "Hmm, they're doing a chassé-croisé.")

I watched the clip. It is, to put it mildly, a rather different rendition of the original scene from The Sound of Music. Either that, or that Julie Andrews movie collided with her Victor-Victoria.

Well, Julie Andrews is something of a gay icon. But yes, I will not be looking at that scene quite the same way in the future.

(And now I have the damned song stuck in my head!)

I wasn't sure how straight people would like the video, but I decided this was not the week to care.

Regarding the thigh-high striped stockings... What were they historically associated with? Presumably with naughty showgirls of the 19th Century, but I keep thinking of a circus.

I showed this to a co-worker. He said "The Sound of Music" had never been this fun, and that he'd have to watch it again.

Striped stockings are fairly standard Victorian legwear, not something limited to performers. When hoop skirts swung, you often could catch a glimpse of leg, so they had surprisingly lively taste in stockings.

I just want to point out that over at Night of the Hats our Neil has posted another silly video which has inspired me to link in the comments to a picture from a CostumeCon long, long ago...

Hah! You were a mere child, so young that AJ seems decrepit in comparison. Me, I'm old enough to remember when the song was first released, which makes me truly decrepit.

As for Neil's comment about the fate of Rasputin, hasn't he seen del Toro's HellBoy? It tells the TRUTH, and nothing but. OK, maybe he made up the part about the kittens.

I was hoping, in my subtle way, to lure a few people into commenting on Neil's blog as well...

Subtlety doesn't work on me, but I'm going to have to take a crash course in subtlety if my work situation goes in the direction I think it will soon be going. (The expected news would be good news, by the way.)

Now that term is over I intend to finish and put up some of the posts that are lurking in drafts. Foolishly I instead went out today to buy a metric tonne of books for the summer holiday.

As for Rasputin, although I have given del Toro's ideas their due consideration, my usual source is Rasputin subtitled "The Holy Devil", by René Fülöp-Miller. Since the copy I have dates back to 1967, the latest investigations into his death are not included. Frankly, the theology of various Russian cults that Rasputin's ideas grew out of are as weird as the Hellboy theory.

Now I'm thinking about it, I have more to say about Rasputin, and also Boney M. Probably tomorrow.

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