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June 27, 2009


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I don't think "Heinlein did it!" is a good excuse

I want to be registered as one of those people who never could get into Heinlein.

She's called Freya? It's my understanding that the Viking's goddess of Love & Beauty favored tansportation that involved a chariot pulled by cats so of course my wife and I decided that this was the perfect name for our oldest girl.

Friday = Freya's Day.

Oh, I knew that, Susan. One variaion of the name also is 'Fricka', I think, but we didn't call our dog that because it sounds too much like 'fricassée'.

Regarding the Hugo's novel category, I totally abstained from voting for any of the finalists because I'd never read any of them. Also, if I hadn't been that interested in them before they were nominated, I most likely wasn't going to be more interested now.

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