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June 04, 2009


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Glad to hear that Sooj is doing better.

As for taking on a journey that may not be safe... I've never thought of myself as the adventurous type and yet, looking back, I find I took quite a few chances, some of which paid off handsomely.

I'm glad you had a good time!

Did I mention how much I liked the CD?

I think so, yes. I hope it inspires you to acquire others of hers.

Good. I expect I will buy more, but I'll have to get over to her site to listen to the samples again.

In other news, some of you may recall me mentioning that my youngest brother's condo building had an explosion while he was in the hospital (on March 19th). Apparently the residents of the adjacent townhouses were allowed back into their homes today, and the condo residents should be returning sometime in the next week. I've asked him if he's planning to have a "Thank Goodness I Can Finally Go Back Home!" party once he's allowed in.

She's got a lot of stuff available for sampling or download now. I'm fascinated by how she's releasing Quartered as a work in progress. It's primarily download-only until she finishes all the songs (ten or twelve total, I think), though she did have a few unpackaged CDs of the songs with her on Wednesday for people who can't handle downloading. When the entire album is finished she'll release it as a regular CD. I have no idea how good a sales strategy this is, but it's an interesting experiment.

(And rah rah for your brother's returning home soon!)

Rah rah indeed!

Carol, I bet he'll be glad to get back home! What caused the explosion? We're always worried about the people who keep propane tanks in the condos or on the balconies even though it's against the law. We don't see all of them so we can't call the fire marshal on all of them.

Marilee: They haven't said what caused it yet, and the Fire Marshal's report hasn't been released. Someone had mentioned seeing a report in the news that there was a grow-op in there, but the reports I saw indicated it was actually in another building across town that had a problem the same day. The explosion in my brother's building happened in the main electrical room on the first parking level, also blowing out the Toronto Hydro transformer. There was a lot of damage to the structure and various systems in that area.

I figured this might be as good a place to ask a musical question as any other...

Does anybody know why HG Wells wound up on the cover of Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band? I seem to remember reading that one of the Beatles was a big fan of his, but, even after some googling, I have been unable to find out if this was true or, if true, who was the guilty one.

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