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July 10, 2009


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If ever that's released on DVD, let us know. By the way, did you know that Stephen Fry once played the role of Wilde in a movie about the latter? Quite sad.

And HERE Is Graham Chapman as Oscar Wilde.

Re the teenagers, when I was in the chorus of the CNU 2000 production of "The Mikado," Cathy attended the show one night and overheard what I believe to be the finest and most sincere tribute to a show that I know of: a nearby student said to another, "This is more fun than going out and getting wasted!" (The director was George Hillow.)

The above comment by Kip is comment #6000 for Rixo! Woo hoo! Prance! Cavort!

And a good comment it is!

*prances and cavorts*

I may need to track down this Fry-as-Wilde movie. I love Stephen Fry. He's on the short list of celebrities that I Twitter-stalk.

When we were in production, TOPSY TURVY was showing at the Naro in Norfolk, and a fairly hefty percentage of the Mikado cast was there to see it. As the lights came up at the end, Fred Arsenault, our Ko-Ko, leaned out over the edge of the balcony and shouted "THE MIKADO IS PLAYING AT CNU! GO SEE THE MIKADO AT CNU!"

So I told him that for the next night of Mikado, he should exhort the audience to go see TOPSY TURVY at the end. I vaguely recall that he might have done so. (Fred's acting in New York now, and Eric Strong, our Pooh-Bah, is also a professional. The star power in our show was scarey. I haven't seen a production, live or on film, that I liked as much as ours, though the abridged Bell Telephone Hour with Groucho Marx certainly has its points.)

AJ... The Fry movie is 1997's "Wilde".

Kip W... the abridged Bell Telephone Hour with Groucho Marx certainly has its points

Oh, that definitely is something I'd like to have seen.

I know of no video record of the Groucho Mikado, but the audio is available, as a free download, here. Ten or eleven items up from the bottom of the page, there it is. I've long thought that NPR stations should have a pressing made of this to offer as pledge break items, but they don't listen to me. I first heard it on public radio -- that is, from the scene with "Titwillow" in it through "There is Beauty in the Bellow of the Blast." I thought they had rewritten lines to suit Groucho, but when I looked into it, it was all Gilbert & Sullivan. Well, the words were all Gilbert. As to the melody, Marx half-talks some of it, but what the heck!

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