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July 22, 2009


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Have fun! The book came today, thanks!

A safe trip to you, Susan.
Now, where's that coffee?

How is item #1 going? Me, I have to call my mom tonight since today is your birthday. Hopefully she'll be the one picking up the phone and not my brother.

That was strange. For about one hour, the "recent comments" weren't being displayed. To quote Han Solo, it's not my fault!

I'm in Baltimore(ish) now and back to places with net access.

More later...

Net access is much better than gross access.

Where are you now, Susan?

Bristol, Rhode Island, at Newport Vintage Dance Week.

A safe trip back whenever that'll be, Susan. And a reminder that I'm flying off to Canada on Thursday morning. I'll bring the "Dracula" DVD with me. I've got everything ready to pack for the trip, everything but my normal clothes anyway.

Susan, the Newport event looks like a lot of fun! I hope that your classes are full of great students.

Newport had a small but eager number of great students for my class. I was tolerably pleased. I expect I'll get some negative feedback for running a really challenging class, though. I was well over the line between Intermediate and Advanced (the class was labeled "Intermediate/Advanced").

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