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August 30, 2009


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I missed a great, big, obvious clue early on that would probably have made me twig to the big reveal rather more quickly than I did

That reminds me of a mystery written by Sheri Tepper (as BJ Oliphant) that I read years ago. Early on, the main character comes across something that I thought should have been suspicious, but which the MC dismissed - until the very end, where it turned out to be what finally made her figure out who the murderer was. As the MC was a very smart woman, the mystery was sustained only because Tepper resorted to the idiot plot.

That being said... When I started reading your post, my first thought was that this was another historical disguising itself as a mystery because that's the only way they could get it published. I read on and found that I had been wrong. As for the writing, would you say that it's a case of violating the show-don't-tell rule?

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