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November 25, 2009


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I've run a fundraiser

Is this the one where, two or three years ago, you did a "Rocky Horror" show to help the event?

I've never done a Rocky show anywhere, ever, for any reason.

Susan... I seemed to remember an event or auction where some of your participants dressed like characters from "Rocky Horror". Or maybe it was something you had been planning to do. Most likely I misremembered things. Either way, my apologies.

I hope you have a good time this weekend. Even if you come out of it tired, it'll have been a good kind of tired.

My plans for the weekend... Ingesting some turkey, watching a couple of turkey movies. Maybe finally watch my dvd of the "War of the Worlds" musical. Reading. I just began Jack Vance's "Tales of the Dying Earth" and I think I'm going to love it.

Susan, I've done some kumihimo braiding and it's fun, easy, and (if you're using the cheap foam disk and not the wooden stand) very portable. One year while visiting NY I threw it in my bag and worked on it on the train. You should definitely give it a try if time allows.

My weekend plans include hosting my small immediate family tomorrow (possibly with the addition of some co-worker of my mother's, and I'm very irked that I won't know until tonight whether or not I'm hosting a stranger for dinner tomorrow), lazing around the house with my husband on Friday, going to a small craft fair, the gym, and a belly dance party Saturday, and peddling my jewelry at an even smaller gift bazaar for a few hours on Sunday.

Is Will coming with Emma? You could find out what he's like in person.

I picked up a two-person turkey dinner from my grocery store today and will reheat some of the turkey breast tomorrow and have some of the sides. Most of the turkey breast will go into the freezer in single portions. I'm currently eating pizza -- I was craving it and gave in. I'm not planning anything specific for the rest of the week, which is a good thing because I've been hurting a lot for about a week.

Loki woke me up this morning -- I'd been sleeping with the bad ear up and the alarm rang for 14 minutes before Loki decided it was enough. I may have to get a louder alarm.

Happy Thanksgiving to all them as celebrates it.

We'll be going out to a fancy buffet for Thanksgiving dinner as we have for the last few years; this allows everyone to get what they want, including the carnivorous foster daughter, vegetarian wife, pisce-vegetarian me, and just plain picky-eater boy.

Clifton... That's one nice thing about buffets, besides not having to deal with the dirty dishes. That being said, I just came back from such a buffet and the very thought of eating one more bite of anything makes me go "Urp!". Also, I'm bone-tired after spending the night up because of work. I got almost 4 hours of sleep after that, but I need to go lie on the couch otherwise I'll be dozing all evening in the middle of my favorite turkey movies.

Yes, Will is coming. I am unsure whether I want to interact with him in person or not, though Darkover (being teensy-tiny) is certainly the place for it.

The discussion of Darkover novels in the other thread was quite timely, eh?

Yes, the discussion was very timely!

I'm not fond of buffets partly because I'm immunosuppressed right now and because they frequently don't have what I want.

Marilee... There is that, for you, true. What I finally realized about buffets is that I should stay away from most fares like sausages and turkey, because they very quickly make me feel stuffed. I should stick with salmon and fruit.

So, Susan, did you meet Will? If so, how did it go? Did you have a good time at the con, overall?

All I have to say so far is:


Give me a day or two to edit some interesting things I captured with my camera and all shall be revealed.

Hula hoops AND a promise that all shall be revealed? Oh-la-la.

I had a nice Thanksgiving weekend... it also involved hula hoops. The belly dance party featured black lights, and there were a bunch of people there with black-light reactive and/or lightup hoops. Various degrees of skill were displayed by the dancers... I was sure to stay off the dance floor whenever the one guy was playing with paired smaller hoops... He had bad control with his off hand and kept losing his grip. Getting hit by a flying hoop was not on my list of goals for the weekend.

On Thanksgivng, we popped in our DVD of Casino Royale. God, this remains an intense movie.

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