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November 27, 2009


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Given some of the windows users I've encountered, I'd say it's an accurate assessment by Microsoft of a significant portion of their user community.

My Mac laptop and I are just now pulling into Baltimore on the Boltbus -- see you at the con very soon, Bill!

I'm using Windows 7, because I decided to get a new laptop and I would only have saved £20 to get one with Vista.

I have encountered no problems. As far as I can tell my literacy is uneffected.

On the other hand I observed an English lesson for 14 year olds last week and discovered that Romeo and Juliet spent the night between Act 3 Scene 3 and Act 3 Scene 5 playing Scrabble. I'd not seen the clues in the text!

What makes me nervous is when Windows decides my machine needs an upgrade and yes/no isn't an option. That being said... When I did some research for a new laptop for my wife, I was quite relieved at being able to get her a machine that would be set up with Windows XP, not Vista. As for Windows 7... That IS a strange campaign. What I notice is what they don't say.

I said "I won't something that works reliably."

They gave me something that works reliably.

I'm using Windows 7 on my new computer. I use Windows because I like to play video games. So far the only complaint I have with Windows 7 is that it doesn't want to let me run some of my old 32-bit programs, which I can't get 64-bit replacements for.

Those ads are definitely stupid... I'm guessing they're trying to market the new operating system to those members of the older generation who think that computers are "too complicated" or "scary." Remember that old AOL commercial from the late-90s? "It's so easy, even my Dad can use it!"

The new Mac commercials aren't much better... "If you need to upgrade anyway, why not switch to a Mac?" If Windows users are being portrayed as semi-literate, Mac users are being portrayed as math-impaired. An upgrade to Windows 7 is cheaper than buying a Mac and replacing all of your software with Mac versions... well, all of the software that is actually available for a Mac.

(And actually, that first ad is wrong... it takes MORE clicks for some things. Why the heck aren't My Documents on the Desktop?)

Not won't
That was a weird typo.

I think the ads are probably meant to show how equal they are -- just like normal people.

AJ, Chris should be able to give you a new 32-bit partition for the games.

When I'm taking a bit less pain meds, I'm going to set up Linux on the little computer.

Speaking of computer-related adventures... I bought a wireless router for our home a couple of days ago. I was told that it'll work the moment I plug it in, and that it'll be safe if I take certain precautions, and that those precautions are easy to enforce. Me, doubtful? Never! ("Never?") Well, hardly ever.


Typo? Had you not said anything, I would have assumed you did it deliberately, the same as Neil misspelled "unaffected", to keep the 'not entirely literate' theme going.

Actually I typed it like that, realised it looked wrong, fixed it, then decided to leave it in as it fit the post.

I always have to think about affect and effect, but this cannot be blamed on Windows 7.

I managed to set up our new router today. Wireless access throughout the house. No more unsightly cables. Woot!

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