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December 01, 2009


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Diane Duane did some e-publishing a few years ago. Some readers had long asked for more stories in a series of hers - about magical cats, if I remember correctly. She'd post one installment, shake her PayPal can, then another installment would go up. I'm not sure how well she did. Sharon Lee & Steve Miller did something similar a couple of years ago.

Hmmm.... I'm hesitant to shell out $5/each for such short stories... but I DO love Hambly's work.

If anybody wants the first two Windrose books, my local huge used bookstore usually has a lot of old Hambly paperbacks for 1/2 cover price. I'd be happy to keep my eye out for them.

Serge, that's The Big Meow, which she hasn't been able to work on for a while because of health and personal reasons. I went ahead and bought the whole book at the beginning, and I don't mind. I have almost all her books and I'm happy to give her a bonus even if she can't get this one out. The August 20th for the next chapter is 2008.

Lawrence Watt Evans has been using the Storyteller Bowl mode for some of his books that publishers aren't taking -- and then he uses the money to have the books printed and sent out.

Yeah, I bought Big Meow too. I wouldn't mind her being way behind if we were getting any communication about status. Ah, well. I still feel it's useful to invest in these little experiments in self-publishing.

I also Meowed. I'm happy with what we got so far, although resolution would be nice.

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