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December 13, 2009


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You need Alfred, to complement your Batman...

Oy. It sounds like you had some fun in there, but how exhausting!

My weekend:

Friday: Plans to visit grandparents dumped in favour of trying to recover, both physically and mentally, from previous day's Mediaeval Law final exam. Stay in bed pretty much all day. Be thankful for husband who doesn't mind doing groceries and cooking.

Saturday: Take son to doctor. Pick up library books and son's prescription. Stay in bed remainder of day reading one of said books and trying to recover physically from driving around earlier.

Sunday: Cringe at thought of having to listen to Harvey Fierstein's voice for hours. Go with husband to see Fiddler on the Roof, with Fierstein replacing injured Topol. Eat dinner at downtown diner and lament at having had to listen to Fierstein's voice for hours. Go home, get into bed and read while trying to recover physically from lots of sitting earlier.

LOL I've had nights like that, where I can't stay awake to read. Don't worry, we'll give you extra time.

The only plans I have are Friday for getting Junie's buspar and Saturday for bookgroup.

Well, I had my friend Irene, who provided the food for the tea dance and took my car home while I went to the banquet.

I've finished it! See next post!

Well, it looks like we won't have bookgroup -- we're due for 6-12" of snow starting tonight.

Yikes, the weatherguy just said 8-16 inches!

I hope we don't get hit too hard up here -- I have to drive to Boston tomorrow and return Sunday night!

I won't go into the details of Wednesday, but I'll say this is the LAST TIME that I let work get in the way of an officially "off" day. Two years in a row, work has caused me to sleep less than 4 hours when I was about to undertake an 800-mile drive. At least we didn't hit a snow storm this year.

I think I will still be able to get to Boston safely tomorrow, but am a little worried about getting back Sunday night. The snow should have ended well before that, but the roads may still be rather messy.

I was scheduled to fly from New York to Atlanta Sunday morning. Bad idea, considering the blizzard. So now I'm taking the train today instead.

Are you going away for the whole week, Mary Aileen? My holiday plans have dwindled to a couple of days at my mom's in NJ. I'm simply too tired to do anything more.

Susan... the roads may still be rather messy

Don't risk it then. Last year, it took me over 100 miles of driving, exhausted, thru that snow storm when I decided that any more of this would result in our deaths, so we stopped in Kingman, Arizona. Good thing I did because, next morning, I saw many cars in ditches along the later part of the highway.

If I let a foot of snow stop me from driving I wouldn't go anywhere for two months every year! This is New England, after all. I'll be careful, but nothing I have seen suggests any reason to strand myself in Boston.

True, Susan, true. I guess my having left winterland more than 20 years ago has had its effect on me. That became quite obvious to me 3 years ago when I was driving around barely snowy Albuquerque and the minivan started skidding and ended against a lamp post. One $1000 of damage. Not quite the perfect event for Valentine's Day. As for last year, I might have kept going if I had not been so tired, but I was, and my reflexes were definitely not up to par. TRhat being said, I wish you a safe ride back.

We have 12" so far and apparently expect another 10-12". At least the blizzard warning is off.

Well, I'm up in Boston. Tonight's ball was cut short because they decided to declare a snow emergency and ban on-street parking. Not that there is so much as a dusting of snow yet -- they're just being preemptive.

More annoyingly, the hall cancelled tomorrow's tea dance, which leaves me up in Boston without the gig I'd planned to do tomorrow, but unable to drive home because CT is already getting hit (and I'm too tired anyway). Getting out tomorrow is going to be a royal pain.

Bah humbug, Susan.

We ended up with 20" and the snow in front of the van is about three feet high, so I'll be in for about a week. No big deal, other than getting the mail.

Marilee... Thanks for yet another reminder that snow is pretty to look at, but not to be IN.

*grumble* *grumble*
I managed to unearth my front steps and the sidewalk in front of my house and from my back steps to my garbage cans. Fortunately it will take me three months to actually fill my gigantic, city-issued garbage cans, since getting them all the way to the street may not happen until snowmelt.

I have not yet tackled my driveway, which is completely blocked by the snow-berm created by the plows. Fortunately I have no tenant at the moment, so I don't absolutely have to do the driveway -- I can just park on the street, though it's not my top choice.

We don't have anywhere to put this much snow, so alternate parking spots are full of very tall snow. I was hoping the plow would come through today and pile it in one of the rarely used parking lots, but it didn't. Maybe tomorrow, since so many people were off work today.

I made it to Atlanta safely on the train--ten hours late because of the storm. I'll be here the rest of the week, returning home next weekend.

I'd like train travel a lot more if I could sleep sitting up. (But I'm still fond of trains.)

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