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December 03, 2009


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"...Trusteh moi." (...) I'm pretty sure I've spoken it, myself.

Somehow I doubt that you'd find yourself unable to speak in any language at a level better than "Fetchez la vache".

As for pirate-reenactor groups of varying degrees of historical accuracy... Are you sugesting that the Pirate Babes calendar might depict pirate ladies in less than perfect accuracy? I want my money back!

I never realized until I read your review of this book that YA novels can feature grownups, or kids becoming grownups in later stories.

Speaking of YA books, Susan, of all the ones you've read this year, which do you think is the best? I was thinking of picking one up for Barnes and Noble's "give a book to a kid" holiday drive, and I'd much rather do a well-recommended one than pick one at random.

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