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January 10, 2010


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I noticed the Borg jokes when you joined FaceBook.

Remember to check their privacy rules. They recently changed them to make your facebook more public.

But you can uncheck a few boxes to make it more private again. I can't recall exactly what needs un-checking, but a quick Google search should provide the answers.

You already have more friends than me :(

Despite that I have sent in a request.

Neil W... But it's the quality that counts, not the quantity.

Well, I'm intending to use this in large part for professional promotion, so I am highly motivated to work at having a large network. I spent hours looking for people and aggressively befriending everyone I knew. I've also always been a social hub and instigator, which is odd considering how introverted and antisocial I am. Putting all those connections together in one place is pretty amazing for me.

Susan... I've also always been a social hub and instigator, which is odd considering how introverted and antisocial I am.

I'm not sure what that says about you, but I think it's something Very Good.

What, that when I get crazy ideas I make other people follow me and do them too?

Susan... Exactly. I should know, I was involved in one of those crazy ideas during 2008's worldcon. :-)

Which reminds me... I still have the banner supports, should they be needed again.

But it's the quality that counts, not the quantity

Damn it!

I'm intending to use this in large part for professional promotion

I got that impression. I try to keep mine completely separate from my "professional" life, so only friend people who already know how weird I am might be interested in my silly witterings.

Size doesn't matter? :)

Susan... Are you trying to lure us into making naughty jokes? Begone, Temptress!

Update: ten days later, I have accumulated 412 friends, with all but about 20 of them being people I actually know in RL. Scary!

Secondarily scary: regular contact with my ex-gf. It's not bad; we're not on bad terms or anything. We just have had little to no contact for the last ten years, so it's a little strange to suddenly hear from her multiple times in a week.

Susan... Is that the person who caused you to long be leery of using your full name in the blogosphere?

No; I said we weren't on bad terms. I'd been avoiding using my full name (not "real name"; Susan is quite real: my legal first name, the one on my birth certificate) on the internet -- not the blogosphere specifically; this goes back to Relay, Bitnet, and Usenet -- for more than two decades, which well predates not merely that entire relationship but the very existence of blogs. That decision predated the web, in fact. It even predated Windows.

Thanks for the correction, Susan. I was using 'blogosphere' to retroactively include even its sort-of ancestors such as GeNIE, but not everybody does.

It even predated Windows

Was AJ even born, back then?
("Making fun of me again, Serge?")
Moi, AJ? Never!

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