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January 03, 2010


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*GRIN* It seems yesterday was THE day for spelling errors that add hilarity to the world. Yesterday, the newest GLBT magazine, Cue Pittsburgh, had an article in it where a young lady was declaring herself to be "THE 2010 Lesbian".

Unfortunately, I'm having a hard time doing anything but eyeroll at her, since in the very first sentence she admits that declaring herself as such might be "a little vein".

The typos, sentence fragments, and WTF-is-that-supposed-to-mean similes continue through the whole column and leave me just shaking my head.

"...made guys scared to dance with me..."

I'd be nervous too, especially since I am like Judy Garland at the Beginning of Astaire's Easter Parade. Two left feet. On the other hand... Next time we meet, maybe I should ask you to give me a lesson, just to see if my pedestraian ailment is as severe as I think.

pedestraian ailment

Oops. On the udder hand, à propots, considering the subject of this thread.

As for the pooched salmon... Reminds me of Scoot Summers, leader of the X-men.

Ah, once at the grocery, the sign was "Avacado" and I borrowed a pen from a guy trying to get people to sign up for the WashPost, and made a big O over the second A.

Speaking of the WashPost, they've fired so many copyeditors (economy) that it's hard to find an article without missing short words or misspellings.

The Washington Times (owned by Moonies) just fired 60% of their staff and is almost all news service reprints. I think only really loyal people will stay.

Sounds like you've found a counter-win for my "if they can't spell it, you probably shouldn't eat it" rule of thumb.

I wonder what they serve at the Sullied Bar. What is their Boffit like?

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