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February 27, 2010


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Sorry, I've never liked those stories so didn't read many and certainly not recently.

It's conceivable I could help. Tuesday my students take an exam which wipes out Monday and Tuesday. Sunday is free for a reread of whatever Holmes is lurking on my bookshelves, and I can write drafts on the train... it might work. Without too much modesty I'll say I can write a fair generic 19th century passage, so I ought to be able to put something suitable together if no one better turns up.

I have dug out The Casebook of Sherlock Holmes. Either write her or email me any details of what's needed.

I wish I could help with that, Susan. Luckily, as mentionned above, Neil can write in a 19th-Century style, which reminds me that we haven't been treated to further tales of Major Squick or of Professor Lovebody.

If you still need any blurb help, I absorbed those stories wholesale in adolescence & could probably get the diction almost right. -JKM

...we haven't been treated to further tales of Major Squick or of Professor Lovebody.

True. I should look through the drafts and either fix them or ignore them and write some new.

(The only unseen Professor Lovebody story is Christmas themed and three-quarters finished. My intention is to keep it under wraps until December for obvious reasons. It involves, of course, Professor Lovebody losing his trousers)

Professor Lovebody loses his trousers, thus showing off some Christmas ornaments? (Sorry. Been a long exhausting eweek.)

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