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February 03, 2010


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In semi-serendipity, I just got the official version of The Diary of Anne Frank out of the library. I read it so long ago I didn't even know there was a "definite version"!

it says something about my shallowness as an audience member

I hate to contradict you, Susan, but 'shallowness' is a word that can hardly be aplied to you.

Darrow was involved in the Leopold and Loeb case? I didn't know that. I think of him as being associated with the Scopes trial, but I had no idea he dealt with other famous cases. (Of course, when I think of Darrow, I can't help but see Spencer Tracy.)

Erm, that should have been "definitive" up there.

Apparently they found a few more pages relatively recently and have added them to published editions. I will have to get a new copy sometime.

I read Clarence Darrow for the Defense as a kid and loved it. It talks about his involvement with labor cases and death penalty cases along with the Scopes trial. I still have my battered old copy on the shelf.

Thanks for reminding me, Susan. You had mentionned that book last year, but this time I made sure I wouldn't forget. I just went to Alibris and bought a copy of the 1941 Doubleday edition.

Susan, no, the original editor of Frank's diary purposely took out all the words about sex. Apparently she mentions being interested in another female and he thought it would take away from who she was. But the entire diary has been out since 1996 and I didn't know that until there was a foofooraw in a local county.

The word that came from the principal of a school was that a mother wanted the book taken away from the class (with her daughter) because of the sex and he would take it away. The next article was from the school superintendent who said the mother just didn't want her daughter to read outloud like the others are and they will keep the book.

No, these are actual new pages; see here. They were pulled by her father because they contained unflattering comments about her relationship with her mother and her parents' marriage. They were suppressed until after her father's second wife's death in 1998.

We're talking about different editions. :) Here's the one I was talking about. It was published in 1996. Yours is published in 2001.

Here's the two articles from the WashPost which alerted me to the definitive edition.

I wasn't talking about any edition in particular, just noting that there are more pages added recently that had been suppressed for many years. So the "definitive" edition from 1996 is not in fact definitive. I don't know what the most current edition is, but at some point would like to get one which includes the most recently released pages.

Well, the intro to the "definitive" edition says they put back in 30% more content than the original book had. I can't find a book after that (although there's a movie) and the article you linked to just said there were five pages, not that they'd been put into a book. Some of the things the article says are on the pages are also in the definitive version.

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