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April 05, 2010


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Edward II (of hot poker fame)

Let me guess.
You don't mean he was a card sharp, do you?

When you linked to it I realised my blog had very little actual content. I have a slightly more intellectual post up top now.

You don't mean he was a card sharp, do you?

(Ponders a bad taste joke about hole cards)

No, not a card sharp. Neil knows his English history and can probably keep his Edwards straight. So to speak.

Neil: I actually get a lot of laughs out of reading your little exchanges with your students. One gets the impression that your job is like a witty school-based sitcom.

You can learn everything you need to know about Edwards I and II by watching Braveheart.

As for my job, people often ask if it's like the BBC TV series about a troubled secondary school, Waterloo Road. I don't watch it but usually say it's nothing like Waterloo Road. No really, nothing like Waterloo Road.

Neil W... a bad taste joke about hole cards

Did you know that Kirk Douglas's Ace in the Hole was filmed here in New Mexico?

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