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May 26, 2010


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I hope the general life things get better, and that you have fun at Balticon!

A con sounds like a GOOD place to be.

This post now with Extra Added Illustrations!

Now I really want to escape to a con!

Have a good time.

(The previous comment required a CAPTCHA to post, and it took four tries to get a match.)

Very cool posters!

Hey Susan,

What room is the Martian Croquet going to be in? I completely missed the hoop thing because it wasn't on the program and nobody could tell me where you were. Hoping for better luck with the croquet. I'll check e-mail in the morning before I head out to the con hotel.


Hooping: main ballroom at noon
Croquet: main ballroom at 2pm.

Nice Martian croquet hats, especially the second poster!

Sounds a million times better than World Steam Expo was. Other than meeting Terrance Zdunich, of course.

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