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May 07, 2010


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I was beginning to wonder about it, and even asked about it. The sight makes me want to log off and call it a day.

LOL Very colorful furnishings! Are you going to put vines or something on top of the gazebo?

It really does need some gazebo costuming, doesn't it? My wifi extends all the way through my backyard, so I am in fact typing this comment from one of those colorful chairs in the gazebo.

I love how the branches form a canopy over it. Looks like a very nice place to be typing from.

It does look a bit like it's going up or coming down because it's just a skeleton. There's a house I drive by sometimes that has a sukkot? -- part of a Jewish tradition -- and it's usually empty, but when they use it, it has fabric on it.

It's a Faraday gazebo!

I find it oddly reassuring that somebody elses backyard is 'in progress' ;)

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