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May 29, 2010


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I hope you enjoy your ultimate answer year...

I believe I'm the ultimate confusion.

I'm quite happy being the penultimate answer.

Puppy! *heart* ((hugs))

Speaking of which, Susan... The theme of this year's Bubonicon - the local con - will be Bathrobes & Towels.

Is there any special symbolism to the number 55?

Speed limit when I was younger?

Hey, I like that. I guess that's the association with the number I'll use on my birthday then. Heheheh

We have been quiet here for a week, which is partly my fault, so I'm going to pull something from my grab bag of links: The 17 most unintentionally hilarious propaganda posters.

My favourite is inevitably "When you ride alone you ride with Hitler!".

Neil... I especially like the one of the guy driving along with Hitler's ghost.

"If you don't carpool, you're a fascist dick."

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