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May 02, 2010


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Sounds like you had a lot of fun, except for the gum! I wonder if the cat really wanted to be there?

This is the third couple in the last few years that's claimed they met through my dance stuff. Can I figure out a way to use this in advertising?

"Come to Madame Suzanne's Classes for Danse and for Romance!"

Our own wedding consisted of a handful of SF fans, after which we all drove back to our appartment for cheese & crackers, followed by the watching of "Forbidden Planet".

I just put this in as an addendum, but since no one probably rechecks the original post: I finally opened the little party favor box and it turns out to be a gift with the same name as a 16thc Italian dance. I find this very amusing.

I guess someone came across this and thought "Ahah... I bet Susan would like that".

Trivia that the vet student will probably find eventually: filet mignon comes from the spinal epaxial muscles.

Ginger... As usual, the French description sounds sexier. Then again, pretty much everything sounds sexier in French. I know, it's a curse I must live with every yof my life.

Dra. Not "...every yof my life..." but "...every day of my life..."

Yeah, "I had some lovely spinal epaxial muscle for dinner" just doesn't have the same ring to it. I'll pass this along to the vet student.

Hi Susan. I'm glad you had fun. We were hamming it up because we had no idea what we were supposed to do. We were totally flummoxed and stalling for time. I think we were vaguely aware that we would have to cut a cake and were expected to do something, but we never really planned that far. Oh well, we didn't want a stiff and formal wedding anyway. Plus the cake was delicious. My parents forgot to freeze the top tier over the weekend so we're eating it bit by bit from our refrigerator. So glad you could com

I find filet mignon quite delicious..but if you don't want to know which parts of the body is being served, don't ask me at dinner. Wait until afterwards. Us veterinarians are prone to blathering on and on about subjects that the rest of the world finds icky. ;-)

Don't worry, everyone thought it was adorable! And your wedding definitely was not stiff.

I used to work in Pathology. Veterinarians probably don't have much on pathologists as far as gross-out conversation.

Ha, yes -- pathologists, nurses, EMTs and veterinarians are all interesting conversationalists. My speciality used to be heavily dominated by pathology, and I've had lots of good discussions -- but veterinarians have a slight advantage: our patients, while still alive, are sometimes trying to eat us.

A good friend of mine is an OB-GYN, and I won our little contest to see who was grosser. Even seeing a human cadaver didn't bother me, but my story of palpating cow ovaries was enough for her.

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