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July 24, 2010


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once again, I'm starting this project a week before the deadline -- someday I will learn

Sure you will.

I've read The City and the City and acquired a copy of Julian Comstock: etc. etc. yesterday, which puts me 1 read and 2 in posession ahead of where I normally am. For all the rest I'll have to just make uninformed responses.

(Having now read 3 out of 5 of last years best novel nominees I can't quite try a 1 year late review)

Right now, I'm reading Kim Newman's "The Man from the Diogenes Club", which had been recommended by one of Rixo's visitors. Not eligible, but definitely fun. Here is an excerpt from the story set in London's red-light district and involving a Golem.

The girl fled. Heart-shaped windows cut out of the seat of her shorts showed pake skin and a sliver of Marks & Sparks knicker. Four-inch stack-soles made for a tottering, Thunderbirds-puppet gait that was funnier than sexy.

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