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July 13, 2010


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Awesome! The last book felt kind of like it was wrapping the series up, so I'm glad to hear there's another one. I'll have to pick it up :)

I thoroughly enjoyed the first several books in this series, but eventually got tired of them and stopped. I'm glad to hear that Hambly found a new publisher, however.

The Severn books I've read all seemed to need more editing than they got (mainly tightening up, I think). Did you find that to be true at all with this one?

No, I thought it was well enough edited. The formulaic bits of the series, like the inevitable dangerous trip outside the city's borders, are starting to get a little obvious. And the concept is just not as fresh and original as it was eight books ago; that's unavoidable. But I didn't have any problem with the storytelling itself.

I like all of her fantasy writing. (Well to be more honest, I like some of it, and totally *love* the rest.) I haven't read any of this series. Should I?

I'm not usually much of a mystery or historical fiction reader, but maybe I should be making more of an exception for these.

Clifton: I like most of what I've read of her fantasy writing, though the "Sisters of the Raven" stuff left me cold and I got tired of her Dragonsbane books. I really love the Darwath stuff, the Sun Wolf and Starhawk, and the Windrose Chronicles.

1830s New Orleans is a different enough world with an unusual enough society that it works for me almost like F&SF -- these people may be human, but their world and customs are alien from a modern perspective, and fascinating. Hambly's a historian by trade, so she creates a very rich milieu here. The mystery part is almost secondary for me, though I do enjoy a good mystery. But I'm reading these more for the atmosphere and the fascinating society than for the detective element.

So I'd say give the first one a try and see if you like it for those reasons.

Now I'm thinking it would be fascinating to write up that society as if it were science fiction and the people aliens. Hmm.

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