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July 05, 2010


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The only criticism I'd make is that the only non-white character is a Chinese who turns out to be treacherous.

Yeah, there's some ethnic stereotyping there: brilliant but treacherous Asian. And the only two obviously gay people are (1) a flaming poofter -- okay, a flaming poofter survivalist biker dude, which is not exactly fitting the stereotype -- and (2) a bad guy. Although I'm having some little gaydar pings about Ivy and am starting to really wonder what's in Julie's infamous secret box that makes her husband think she's a pervert and makes Ivy smirk. Lesbian porn and a vibrator?

Susan... You wait until the compilations are out to read "Echo", right? You'll soon find out about your gaydar's pinging.

As for what was in the box... I have no idea what might in it that Julie's ex would have had such a reaction. Personally, I hope we never find out because revelations all too often tend to be disappointing, compared to the vague ideas floating around in our imagination - for example, how and why Wolverine got his claws in the movie version.

Yes, I'm waiting for the compilations. So please don't post spoilers or drop hints.

I have a small vibrator for hands. The "handle" is way too small for the normal use, you just use the top pineapple-shaped vibrator. This works well with my arthritis and gout, but back when I used it at work just because my fingers got cold, the guys all made jokes.

Marilee... Didn't the pineapple-shaped vibrator give them feelings of inadequacy?

Speaking of feelings of inadequacy...

LOL I think they just thought it was odd. And I'd made them take porn off the walls!

If you keep posting hints about future issues -- which I clearly said above not to do -- I'm going to keep deleting them.

I know you did, but the quote didn't give the context. Since you considered that enough to be a hint, I shall refrain from making any reference from now on. My apologies.

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