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July 22, 2010


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What do zombies have to do with steampunk? They're both ridiculously popular. "Boneshaker" was a steampunk book with zombies, too. Luckily the zombies were not a huge part of the story, more like a moving obstacle for the protagonists to dodge. I'm pretty tired of the whole zombie thing.

"Deathless" sounds really good. I've read a couple short stories drawn from Russian mythology, but never an entire novel. I'll be sure to pick it up when it comes out!

I had the privilege of reading Hobson's novel long before almost everybody on the planet. By the way, she calls it bustlepunk even though the heroine doesn't wear a bustle. In case you're interested, here is the ad she put together for her book.

Ellen Datlow usually has pictures of the KGB readings on her account through LJ, but it's not there, maybe yet.

Ellen wasn't at this reading -- out of town somewhere. They announced it, but I didn't make a particular note of it.

George Mann's Newbury and Hobbs series (unfinished review lurking in my drafts - in brief, entertaining but not very period-rigorous on relationships) has zombies and steampunk. The zombies are plot important to The Affinity Bridge.

The title of the next novel in the series appears to be The Immorality Engine which I find completely irresistible.

A bit off-topic... It'd appear that Paul A has been replaced by his Evil Universe counterpart. Then again, what the latter is seen wearing does remind me of the KGB.

Oh, that's right -- Ellen was in Seattle, and she has pictures from there.

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